Chapter 13

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"Uh!" I groaned as my eyes adjusted to the amount of sunlight coming from the window.

My head was aching severely.

There was this stench of alcohol mixed with vomit coming from me. A really disgusting smell.

I remember that I spewed out all the alcohol I drank yesterday on myself and Cole's body.

Yesterday's events were in pieces in my mind... The only thing that was still vivid in my mind was puking on my body and Cole's body.

Also, I can remember that Kyle told us to hang out in the garden by 2pm... Wait, 2PM!!!!

Gosh, what time is it now?

I looked at the digital clock on Cole's bedside table.


Oh my, I need to brush my teeth, have my bath and get dressed up in twenty one minutes!

I rushed into the bathroom to brush my teeth and have my bath... Fortunately, the horrible stench of alcohol was gone after I had my bath.

I rushed to the closet and picked a random T-shirt and denim shorts along with a pair of toms.

I dried my hair and packed it in two ponytails.

I was about rushing out when Cole opened the door.

"Woah... Slow down". He said. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to  the garden to hang out with my friends... Can I go? I haven't talked to them in such a long time..."

"Wait, you have friends?" He asked. He was clearly surprised.

"Duh, yes". I said, rolling my eyes.

"Don't you think I need to know these friends of yours?"

"Uh, you know them, the other pets, Kyle, Sonia, Chloe and Andrew".

"So they're your friends? How did you become friends with them?"

Uh, Cole, I'm late. I need to end this conversation.

"It's a long story, I'm getting late alright? Can I go now?" I asked.

"Just be back before dinner... Wait!" He yelled.

"You're not wearing your collar! Do you have to be this careless? Come here". He said.

"Oh, I totally forgot". I said.

He took out a black leather collar with silver studs from one of his chest of drawers.

"How many do you have in there?" I asked.

"I dunno". He replied, shrugging his shoulders.

He put the collar around my neck, making it a bit loose.

"Make sure you stay safe". He whispered in my ear in a sexy kind of way.

I gulped and nodded before leaving.


"Guys, I'm sorry I'm late. I woke up late and_". I blabbed.

"Slow down Britt, it's okay". Kyle said.

"You drank so much last night.. Aren't you having a hangover or something?" Chloe asked.

"My head's aching like crazy". I said, rubbing my temples.

"Sorry, we can't do anything to help your hangover. They don't give us anything to relieve hangovers and we don't have freedom to_". Chloe said.

"Thanks... I guess I have to deal with it myself". I said, cutting her off.

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