'Awkward situation'

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After about two hours, they decided to call up Zak and Darryl to go here so they could all chat.

"So, I was thinking of going outside again" Spifey said.
"Orrr.. we can play truth or dare! Orrr... Spin the bottle!" Zak said.

"Spin the bottle sounds fun" Vincent said.

"I think we have a bottle" Zelkam said and went to the kitchen and then came back with a plastic bottle with a bit if water in it.
"This should work" he said.

(I honestly have no idea how spin the bottle is played so it's just random from here.)

Darryl then thought of something.
"The two people the bottle lands on have to get locked together in a room for 20 minutes."

"Good start." Zak said.
Then Darryl spun the bottle.
It landed on Dream.
And then he spun it again.
It was really close to landing on Vincent.
My really close I mean it did.

Zak then quietly laughed.

"And you'll be getting locked iiiin... I guess Dream's bedroom would work" Spifey said.
Then Vincent and Dream got up and went into Dream's bedroom, and then they locked them in there.

They spent time talking, and they got to know eachother better.
After 20 minutes, they didn't open yet.
"Hey you have something on your face" Vincent said, then got closer to him to get a closer look.
(Basically like this)

(Basically like this)

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The door opened.

"Ahem... Are we interrupting something?" Spifey said when he opened the door.
Vincent immediately backed away.
"H-he just had something on his face!" Vincent said, getting a bit redder because he realised how that must have looked.
"Sure he did" Zak said.
"He's b-being serious tho!" Dream said, then he got up.

About a week later, they all talked and did stuff together, little did they know Dream and Vincent sometimes snuck away from them.
Noone knows why yet.

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