Demons of Mine

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In the shadows they lurk,
Those demons of mine.
Seeing my fall they smirk.
But when I do rise,
I am plagued
By those dreams at night.

On the wall there stands,
A clock ticking by
As I lie in darkness
Awaiting sunrise.
I have been all alone,
Fighting throughout the night.

In the shadows they stay
Never coming out
They call out to me
But they don't call out loud.
It's all in my head,
I repeat it aloud.

Stand up and fight.
I do it every time.
Even if I do lose,
I don't ever cry.
I beg them to leave
Me alone for sometime.

Taking the curse
I pay for their crimes.
Dealing with the worst,
At the hands of time.
But someday I'll rise,
Defeating all those demons of mine.

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