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~~~Iris's POV~~~

I am leaning against a tree with Teddy in my arms. I've defeated Voldemort but I'm not sure what I should do now. I know for certain that I am not staying here not after losing so much due to the adults doing nothing to defeat Voldemort instead they left it all to me and my age generation. The adults should have sorted it out before I was forced to take part. All because of a stupid prophecy Dumbledore made me do everything mostly by myself. He didn't help me much neither did the other adults apart from Pa and Uncle Moony.

That's a point. If I remember correctly I have another Godfather. Jack Bruno, I think. He lives far away from London. Hmm, I think me and Teddy will go and see him for a while until I decided what to actually do with my life now that I am free to do what I wish.

Yes, I believe I will do that. I have already sorted out Teddy and my belonging so I have nothing left to do. I take a deep breath and stand up before apparating to where Jack lives.

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