Part 14

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Anika came out and found a lot of hustle bustle in hall. She got confused to seeing a lot of people in hall. Bcz before few minutes their was not even a wing of some bird. 

P. Why are u seeing our face bring something to eat.  I don't want anything less as today I'm gonna fix my son marriage.

Ani. Ji aunty.  She smile and about to go when stopped listening a known voice.

When u r bringing something for us. Then make sure to bring orange 🍊 juice for me.  Anika turned and got shocked to seeing Ragini is standing near pinky with evil smile.

P. Kaya ankha phad phad ka dakh Rahi ha.  She is Ragini my shivaay's would be wife.

Shiv. What , are u got insane mom. She work in my office and u going to make her marry with mr. Shivaay spoke who came from upstairs.

P. So what Shivay. She was working in ur office only for u. Otherwise she is daughter of mr malhotra who has a big business like u. 

Shiv. But mom

P.  Just shut up ok and come sit here with me without any arguments. And u girl go and bring something for all of us.  dont need to take interest in out talk. She said to anika with strict tone

Ani.  Ji. Saying this he left for kitchen.

In kitchen

Shavi. Mumma I'm hungry he said clutching his stomach

Ani. Aww my baby u should hve tell me before.i would have give  u something to it .anyways here take this biscuit to eat  later I'll give u some heavy meal. She about to handover him when someone snatched it and throw it in garbage bin.

Pinky aunty brought u here to do work and here u r filling ur naughty son's stomach

Ani. Ragini Asa nhi ha.  He was hungry so thought to give him a biscuit.

R. U r a servant so behave like that only. Don't need to act smart.

Ani. I'm sorry next time I'll not do it.  Shavi Janie go and play with seeti. I'll give u food after going home.  Shavi got sad and left from there without arguing with his mom. .

Ra.  By the way u would have seen a lot of dreams to marry with shivaay but bad luck he is going to Marry with me.

Ani. Congrats Ragini and let me tell u. I hadn't have any wish to marry with shivaay.   I'm happy with my small family moreover I'm  working as caretaker of his daughter and after his marriage I'll leave that job also. U don't worry about it. Now plz can u go away from here.  I have a lot of work to do

Ra. Bitch

Ani.  My mom used to say. Jo Gali nikalta ha dusru ko real ma wo khud ko galia da raha hota ha. U know what I mean. She smirk and passed through her holding  trolley in her hands

R. Anikaaaa she shouted her name after understanding what she said but it was to ate Anika had already left from there. 

In babies room.

Seerat. What happened bhiyu. Sit and play with me. 

Shavi. I'm hungry.

Seerat. Then ask aunty she will give u food.

Shavi. I went there but she said she will give me food at home but now I'm starving. 

Seerat. Idea I've a plan.she goes near him and whispered in his ear secretly.

Shavi. No seeti it's so risky. We can't do this. Ur Dadi will get angry.

S. Nothing will happens.  I'm going. U just wait for me behind the  pillar.

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