Chapter 14- New Friends❤️

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I jump out of the car and go stand near Dylan as we all agreed he would take me to the reception office, to get my time table

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I jump out of the car and go stand near Dylan as we all agreed he would take me to the reception office, to get my time table. I smile at him and swing my backpack over my shoulder.

"You ready princess?" Dylan says as we walk into the school.
"Yep, I guess." I say as I smile at him. He smiles back and we reach the reception office.
"Can we have the time table of Roseabell Kline please?" Dylan says as he leans on the deck of the reception. The lady nods and goes off to the printer. I smile at Dylan and once again he pats me on the head, I swat his hand away. You see, if I had my hair down, he would have ruffled my hair. I chose my hair style well. The lady comes back and hands me a couple of things.
"Here's your locker key and your timetable!" she says as she gives it to me. I nod and me and Dylan walk to my locker.
"What number you got?" He says as he we enter the corridors
"Number 34?" I say, more like ask. He nods and we walk through a number of corridors. We finally reach my locker and I put in my key and open it. I put in my stuff that I don't need for first lesson.
"What have you got first lesson?" He asks as he leans on the locker next to me.
"Maths!" I say as I smile he nods and then some older guys come up to us, I'm guessing it's Dylans friends as they starts bro hugging.
"Hey, are you new? I didn't see you last year?" this gilr says behind me. I turn to see a girl with brunnet hair and brown eyes and another girl with blonde hair and green eyes.
"Yeah I'm new, I'm Rosabell?" I say as I put pu tmy hand to shake. She shakes it and the other Girls do too.
"I'm Harper and this is Chloe!" the blonde girl says.
"Since your new, you wanna sit with us at lunch?" the brunnet girls asks.
"Yeah thanks, what lesson have you got first?" I ask as the girls take out their schedule.
"Maths!" they say at the same time.
"Me to!" I say as I smile at them, they smile back and then I hear Dylan talking behind me.
"Hey, Princess I'm gunna go, have a good first day!" He says as he kisses me on the head. I nod and shoo him of. When I turn back I see the girls excited but shocked.
"What?" I say as I laugh nervously.
"The Kline brothers are the Kings of this school and one of them just kissed you on the head and called you princess?" they say, confused but excited.
"Well, these Kline brothers are my brothers so yeah." I say as I smile at them. The girls faces drop and we all laugh.
"They never mentioned they had a sister, and I've never seen you before?" Harper asks. I smile at her and then say.
"Well, my dad and my mum split up. I stayed with my mum and my brothers went with my dad. My dad remarried and had 7 step sons. Me and my mother got into a car accident and sadly my mother did tmske it so I had to come live with my brother?". Wow that was a mouthful. After I look down, I miss my mother so much. All the times we used to have together and all the nights, it was so fun. But now I will never be able to have that again. I look up to see the girls smiling. Then suddenly the bell goes and we all jump
"Better get to class!" Chloe says as she takes mine and Harper hands and starts to lead us. I laugh as she leads us through crowds of people.

The morning went quick and boring and now it was dinner. I said I would sit with Harper and Chloe so I look around and try to find them when I see two hands waving in the air. I look down to see the girls. I laugh and go to sit with them. As I sit I notice there is one more person at the table. She smiles at me.
"Hi I'm Maya!" she says as shake her hand. She had blonde hair and was really nice.
"I'm Rosabell!" I say as I shake her hand.
"We told Maya a bit about you, so you didn't have to repeat it!" Chloe says as he takes a handful of her fries. I smile, mabey I could get used to this friend group...
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