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Seokjin was carefully tying his shoelaces, just about ready for his date with Namjoon. He was, honestly, excited. He liked hanging out with Namjoon. The younger always made him feel good. He made him laugh, and always checked on him. It was nice having him around

Seokjin's doorbell soon rang and he dashed downstairs to hastily open the door. There stood a smiling Namjoon, hair swept back, face glowing.

"Hey, beautiful," he greeted, and the older blushed.

"H-hi, Joon," he replied before his hand was taken by Namjoon's soft ones.

"You ready?" he asked, rubbing his thumbs across the back of the older's hands.

The latter nodded and swiftly pulled the key out of the keyhole, his other hand still occupied by Namjoon's, and closed and locked the door. He then noticed a car parked in front of his house and frowned in confusion.

"Who's car is...?" he trailed, pointing at the sleek black Lexus.

"Oh, it's Jeongguk's. He let me borrow it for the day," Namjoon replied and Seokjin chuckled. "It's coming in handy for a part of our date today."

"Oh, is it now?" the older snickered, regaining his confidence. Namjoon laughed before they entered the car. "Do you have a license?"

"Uh..." Namjoon trailed, scratching the back of his head while holding onto the steering wheel. "N-no."

"Oh, jesus is lord, let me go get mine," Seokjin muttered before entering his house again and coming back out with his license. He stood by the window. "I'm assuming you can't drive either?"

"If I can't, how did I get here?" the blonde replied smugly with a smirk. The older rolled his eyes before sliding into the passenger seat again. "Off we go, baby~" the younger sang before starting up the engine.


"J-jump Up?"

"Yeah, I've been here before. It's pretty cool."

Namjoon had taken Seokjin to a trampoline park, named Jump Up. They were standing in line, waiting to buy some time and socks.

Seokjin unknowingly gripped onto Namjoon's hand as he eyed the indoor park. There were climbing frames, a soccer ball court, - with a trampoline for a field - and, of course, a whole court filled with different sized trampolines and a bath of foam blocks.

Before he knew it, the two were busy putting their socks on their feet. As they were done, - and after placing their shoes in a locker - Namjoon dragged Seokjin along to the court of trampolines before he jumped onto one.

"Seokjin, c'mon!" he yelled for the older, who stood on the soft floor, staring at the large trampoline below him, the one Namjoon was subtly bouncing on.

"C-catch me? This cliff thingy is too high," Seokjin said over the loud noises of music and laughter.

The younger laughed before holding his arms out. "Come on, then!" he yelled before the older took a deep breath.

He then took a leap into Namjoon's arms with a yelp and his eyes closed, making them both fall and bounce on the trampoline. When he opened his eyes, he saw the younger's pretty, smirking face a few centimeters away from his, cheeks beginning to glow red.

"Hi there," the blonde mumbled.


The older attempted to scramble to his feet, but failed and fell onto his bum, making Namjoon laugh. He frowned and got back up on his feet before Namjoon started bouncing away on the different trampolines, yelling a 'Catch me!' to Seokjin.

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