24. Anything for her

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No one can protect your possessions but you, he understood today. It is you who know the value of your loved ones, who know the importance of your loved ones in your life. In the back of his head he always knew this, but he was living in a hope that he could tighten Anika’s security and she would be safe.

Once he tucked Anika in the bed and settled her in the duvet properly, he let Gauri drag him out of the room and then into the hall. The only reason Gauri was alive was, she was doing all of this for Anika. Gauri was the only person who was as protective towards Anika as him. She was angry, but then her ultimate motive was Anika’s betterment.

“You’re a black spot in my friend’s life, you’re a bad omen for her. Just get out of her life, let her live.” Gauri joined her hands and shouted at Shivaay, just the way he had expected when he had entered her house with an unconscious Anika in his arms. Her wounds were bandaged and the doctor had injected her with sedatives to lessen the pain. He had to face Gauri’s wrath, he knew seeing her eyes full of rage.

“Are you not done torturing her ? Will you stop following her like a hound ? Wait ! You’ll feel better if you’ll kill her, right ?” Gauri inquired him sarcastically and Shivaay shook his head furiously and looked at Gauri helplessly. His tears were all ready to come out of his eyes.

“Do one thing,” Gauri picked up a knife from the dining table and handed it to him. She dragged him towards Anika’s room. “Do it. Stab her and get happy. Stab her I said !” Gauri shouted and pushed him while he clutched the knife in his palm, causing it to bleed. How could Gauri say this, how could she ask him to kill the one for whom he was living. He would deny if asked but he knew he is living for her. It’s not only his guilt, it is something else that is not letting him let her go or go away from her.

“I just wanted to protect her, Gauri. You doubt my intentions, and it’s not your fault. But trust me, I just want her to be happy and safe. She can take my life if that is where her happiness lies. I can do anything for her except leaving her until I don’t ensure she would be fine.” Shivaay said, with his tears no more visible.

“You want her to be happy but you can’t leave her alone. You want her to be safe but you can’t leave her. You are the biggest danger in her life. Can’t you understand ?” Gauri mocked him and chuckled sarcastically.

“I can’t. Think what you want to. Believe me or not, I don’t care.” Shivaay said as he walked out of the house with the fear still in his heart.

Talking to Gauri was useless, she would again say something that would make him angry and he didn’t want to harm her. She is the only person Anika loves and trusts, he couldn’t harm that one person.

The main point was, even Anika was never going to let him stay near her. And he couldn’t blame her for that because he had forced her to make such opinion of him.

Thinking about all of this wasn’t going to alter the happenings of last night. His mind was blank, he was restless. He wanted to be with Anika in the office to ensure her safety but what happened last night had made it clear that it wasn’t working. He couldn’t leave her on the mercy of his security who were nothing but a bunch of fools. Hiring and firing security staff everyday wasn’t the solution.

Anika woke up after several hours, to find Gauri’s anxious eyes looking at her with concern. Gauri asked her about her health, if she was feeling any kind of pain or if she was feeling weak. But Anika continued to stare at her bandaged wrists.

She remembered she was loosing her consciousness within the intervals of subconscious state last night. During all of this she could hear the faint voices, as if someone broke a door, as if someone was crying. She felt someone caressed her face. As if she heard someone shouting at someone, someone screaming, and as if, someone was holding her in a firm yet gentle grip. She could feel that touch of someone’s lips on her forhead even now.

“Who saved me, Gauri ?” Anika asked in a barely audible, meek voice and looked at Gauri expecting an answer from her. Gauri chose to ignore that and got up to bring something for her to eat. But Anika wanted an answer and repeated her question, this time in a loud and clear voice.

“That Blue eyed Oberoi brought you here. Happy ? Now I’m going to bring some food for you.” Gauri answered in an uniteresting way and left from there, leaving Anika in her own thoughts, full of confusion.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi had become a mystery that was getting more and more mysterious day by day. What was he trying to do now, or what he wanted to prove, that he cared for her. It was like killing someone and saying sorry to his dead body. Could his so called doings repair the damage he had done ? Could he give her those two months of her life back by doing these dramas ? Could he bring her Dadi back ? Could he reverse the humiliations she had to face in his house ?

He was caressing her wounds last night, he had them bandaged, but could he heal the wounds she had on her heart, her soul, and on her respect and dignity ? Why was he interfering in her life now, to make sure she was not going to do what she hadn’t done earlier ? Or to make her feel that she was nothing without him, that she couldn’t save herself and survive without him ?

It was easy to say that she would let him do what he wants and she would live her life no matter what, she would ignore his presence. But it wasn’t easy at all when he was trying to manipulate her into believing that he was good. She wasn’t going to fall in his trap. She was sure it was just an act and when she would believe him, he would destroy her again. Gauri put full stop on her thoughts and engaged her in her silly talks about this or that so she didn’t have the time to think about him.

Shivaay, on the other hand, had only her thoughts to invade his mind. He stood infront of the mirror and his reflection mocked him everytime he looked at it. What a failure he was ! Neither he could find that man who was unfortunately his father, nor he could win Anika’s trust. When it was getting difficult for him to think of the best thing to do at the moment, he broke the mirror with his already injured hand.

He was sitting on the couch at the poolside when a magazine caught his attention. A Bollywood magazine it was, may be Rudra left it here. He was going to throw it away but stopped and looked at the cover page for a few minutes. The frown on his face vanished. He called Khanna and ordered him to do something in his usual strict voice that was full of determination.

He was almost settled with his plan when the thought of Anika’s lady bodyguard crossed his mind. Gauri. That girl was going to be a hurdle. Anika wasn’t fool but innocent and he could handle her, but Gauri was too clever. If she got to know then he would be damned.

Where there is a will there is a way. So there was. He smirked and called someone. In a minute Gauri’s matter was settled too. A small smile made its way to his lips and it only widened as he thought about the benefits he was going to have.

He meant it when he said he can do anything for her.


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