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"good morning everyone, i do hope everyone has had a pleasant morning so far," mr brenner's monotone voice was a clear indicator that he had no care for whether his students did in fact have a pleasant morning.

"now, today i'm going to introduce to you your first history project for this year, keep a note that this project will contribute to 20% of your overall grade and..." the old mans words slowly started to drown out in mikes ears. sure he was listening, but he wasn't paying attention.

not until brenner spoke his last few sentences did he lift his head up.

"now that you know the basis of your project, i want you to, in pairs, go to the library to start your individual research. going in pairs will allow you to exchange ideas and questions." brenner stated matter of factly.

"because it is the start of the semester, i am going to be lenient and let you chose your partners today. but," he paused, the whole room turned dead silent as everyone awaited his next words.

"do not mistake my kindness for weakness, do what i have asked of you and no messing around, or this will be the last time you get this privilege."

soon after that brenner retreated back to his desk while the rest of the class began to cheer and high five each other in celebration, already picking their partners and leaving for the school library. this was much to mikes embarrassment since he did not have a single acquaintance, let alone friend, in that class.

he was about to stand up and walk over to silver-haired man to ask him if he could possibly do the research on his own when he felt a delicate tap on his left shoulder.

he turned his head in confusion, only to be met by the most dazzling honey coloured eyes he has ever seen, guarded behind those adorable black frames.

"hi," she began. her voice so soft it would have been inaudible if it weren't for the fact that 80% of the class had left already.

"hi.." he trailed off awkwardly, he was trying so hard not to sound hesitant but he couldn't help it. he was just so taken aback that the girl in front of him wasn't partnered up already.

"wanna be partners?" she smiled ever so slightly the friendliest manner she could. by this point, everyone else in the class had gone. it was only him, her and brenner. it was getting rather awkward.

"oh! y-y-yeah!" he blurted out a bit to loudly that he visibly winced straight after.

el found it adorable.

she smiled again and stood up to signal that they should probably get going, she couldn't stand being in the presence of their history teacher any longer.

"cool." el responded simply, walking towards the classroom door and weaving through countless desks with him trailing awkwardly behind her.

"cool." he repeated dumbly. he smacked his hand on his forehead while she wasn't looking, could he sound any more stupid?

he tried again. "so, we haven't properly introduced ourselves have we?"

of course you haven't you idiot he thought to himself.

but el didn't seem to notice how he had quite literally stated the obvious as she smiled shyly. "i'm el, what about you?"

"mike." he replied quicker than necessary.

she giggled. "well, it's nice to meet you mike."

"it's nice to meet you too el. also, is that like short for something? ella? eleanor? ellie-"

"just el." she laughed once more. in that moment mike was convinced he would never get tired of the sound.

"okay then just el." he smiled in response before the pair finally reached the library, walking in side by side.


authors note:
sooooo i've been going crazy updating this book which i hope is okay:,) i've just been really enjoying writing these updates lmao. anyway, they finally met irl! i'm so excited for this story and i hope you enjoy reading:) ok byeeeee

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