On the seaside

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The journey to Asturia, started from a newly built port over the city of Fanelia, was without any problems. Hitomi, Merle, Meinmet and Folken visited the ship, guided by Van.

Only Yiris didn't leave the deck of the floating craft. Not only because she know the machine, she prefered not be seen in the clothes that Mila had provided to her for the occasion.
The Madam had made pertinent choices however with a personnal touch, dresses, in camaeux sober certainly, like purple, but cuts and necklines that hide just was necessary.

Consequently, in spite of the warmth at the approach of the maritime country, the general always wore a white woolen stole to hide a little the result.

A few hours before the arrival, Hitomi decided to speak to her. She found the woman on the floor, her knees bent, holding her stick.

"Hello, how are you?"

Surprised, Yiris raised her head. Hitomi was the last person she expected to see. So, puzzled, she got up and found herself talking.

"Yes ..."
"You seem very annoyed?"
"Well, it will pass. I have a little difficulty with ... my new status."
"I know Folken years ago, he was a very nice person. It seems to me that he hasn't changed."
"He's kind, h and with a patience ... So. .. Notice, I'm glad to see you, I haven't had the opportunity to ask your pardon for what I have done." Yiris said, a little embarrassed.
"Let it go," Hitomi replied, "that's forgiven! I understand why you did this to me, and I know you would never really kill me!"

The general smiled, the fact that Hitomi had forgive what happened relieved her. She liked to think that with the passing of time, this story about the magic of false-person would hide in a corner of the collective memories and she would become a normal person to the people, not a monster anymore.

"You should tell her about your your exploit in Asturia!" Merle said, arriving with a smile.
"Oh, that ..." Yiris said amused.
"What did you do?" Hitomi asked.
"I gave a good correction to someone who really absolutly didn't expect this ..."
"You can say you put Allen on the ground!" The young cat-woman added laughing.

Hearing that, Hitomi was surprised. Allen was strong, he was a disciple of Balgus. The fact that Yiris could beat him proved once again her high level.

"In fact," the general explained, "he told me in a more or less subtle way that a woman had no place on the battlefield. I didn't think, I set about him, and a few minutes later, with difficulty, I conceded, he was on the ground my stick on the throat ... It's made Master Van furious ..."

Thinking the narrative of Yiris was too succinct, Merle began to tell the details to Hitomi, including the royal bawled out which the general had suffered.
The story took place three years ago. Until then, chance had done that the roads of Yiris and the knight Allen Schezar had never crossed.

In fact, when he was visiting other contries, Van preferred taking with him Luyren or Hylden, far more diplomatic than the infernal duet Mayek / Yiris.
On the other hand, when the adviser of the Queen of Asturia had gone to Fanelia, Yiris was on each occasion on a mission in the country or at the borders to stop a possible rebellion of the indigenous populations coming from lands beyond the mountains.
Yiris's army was more used to hand-to-hand combat, even in difficult terrain, the advantage of working with many former mercenaries in the ranks ...

And then, one day, Luyren was ill, a bad cold, nothing dangerous for his life, but he was very tired. Van preferred to leave the eldest of his generals at rest, while the youngest, because of his medical knowledge, had left for a sanitary mission in a small village where an old fever had reappeared.
At the time of choosing between Mayek and Yiris, the Sovereign had hesitated.

Between Mayek and Allen, exchanges, fortunately rare, were frozen.
Very conservative, the general couldn't bear the attitude of the knight and looked at him up and down.
So, why not try with Yiris, much more open-minded ...

Finally, it wasn't from the general that the problem had come. At the arrival of the delegation, Yiris, in armor, had greeted the knight in a neutral way, he hadn't even replied ...

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