Chapter 2

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(Pearl's POV)

As soon as I stepped into the kitchen, I saw Steven and Connie kissing together and being intimate together. When I told that they should be ready by 8, this was not what I meant. I shrieked and shouted at the couple, "What the heck guys! What do you think you're doing. Oh my gosh Steven, Dr. Maheswaran trusted you to take good care of Connie you know."

At this pointed I didn't care that I was sounding like a salty bird. Then, Connie replied to me, "But Pearl, you know that we're a couple, so why are you so surprised, these sorts of actions should be expected." I opened my mouth, but no words came out of my mouth, as I had realised that Connie was actually right. I now realized that Connie was more matured than I thought she was.

Then, I finally admitted and said, "You're right Connie, I shouldn't be so mad at your PDA towards Steven. But please, next time, why don't you guys do it when you have like, a ton of privacy OK?". Both of the teenagers nodded their heads. I heard footsteps coming and it was Garnet. The fusion wished me good morning and told, "Amethyst will be taking another 5 minutes to come here even when she said it will take 3".

Then, Garnet, who somehow knew what I had told Connie and Steven, addressed me, "And Pearl, let Connie and Steven whatever they want. They are more mature than you think they are". I looked down with shame upon hearing her words. But within 10 minutes, I had to put on a mask and pretend that nothing happened between me and Garnet. The kids were ready for the mission that we're going to go to as Steven had put on his shirt, track pants and soccer shoes, while Connie wore regular hiking shoes, yoga pants and a pink jersey.

The 5 of us went to the warp pad and off we went to the bottom of a forested hill. Garnet told to all of us, "Now, we know the reason why all of us are here: We have to retrieve a gem artifact which has been lost for the past 200 years. If you forgot what it looks like, just remember that Pearl has sent a picture of what it looks like in our WhatsApp group. As we have to cover a large area...," with this, Garnet unfused.

Sapphire continued, "it is better if all of us split into 3 pairs of two, and since I have signal here, we can WhatsApp to the group if we see the object which we are looking for". And at once, I partnered up with Amethyst, while Sapphire and Ruby partnered up together and Connie and Steven did the same. Then, all of us decided to split in different directions with just a nod of our heads.

(10 minute timeskip, now in Steven's POV)

Me and Connie were hiking the hill slowly, and both of our hands were entwined. I took a look at her and admired her beauty. Then suddenly, my shin had hit something hard and I let out a cry of despair. I looked down and swore, "Damn this...shiny golden thingy to hell?". I bent my back and inspected it further. I ordered my girlfriend, "Connie, show me the picture of the artefact which we are supposed to get." When I saw the picture on Connie's phone and compared it with the thing that stubbed my shin, I realised that we got what we set out for. 

Me and Connie were soon trying to get the artefact out from the ground. Since the both of us knew that the artefact is just the size of a mug, we decided to put it in my backpack. However, we struggled to pick it up as the thing was stuck onto the ground. Me and Connie tried to pull it as hard as we could. As we were trying to do that, for one reason or another, both of us fell down together and before I knew what was going on, I became unconscious.

A/N: Sorry for such a late update, I was on holiday to Perth for a week. Also, stuff will increase in sadness from the next chapter onwards. 













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