The Human Loving "Human"

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Note: For everyone that read the last upload before November 22 and has not read it since, I apologize in advance. When I said that Brook ran into the low wall, I didn't specify that she actually tumbled over it. Oops ^^"


Constantly looking over her shoulder, it was only natural that Brook stumbled over the low wall that separated her floor from the ground below. Plummeting like a rock dropped from a balcony, Brook expected to land on her head and at least break a couple bones, so it was a surprise when two sturdy arms caught her as she fell.

“Thanks for catching m-” Brook smiled as she opened her eyes, but she just stared when she saw who had saved her.

He. Was. Hot.

New upload:

“It’s no problem,” the man smiled with gentle eyes that seemed to twinkle with amusement. “I catch girls falling out of the sky every day.”

Brook laughed as he set her down with a fluid gesture. The man looked like he was in his early twenties and was about a head taller than her. Strands of his short, spiky, dark brown hair caught the gentle sunlight and glistened light gold.

“I’m Will Johnson,” he chuckled as he held out a strong hand which Brook grasped firmly. It was a firm handshake that gave her a sense of confidence and security.

“I’m Brook.”

Will’s eyebrows shot up as their hands fell. “Brooklyn Avery! I’ve been hearing a lot about you; it was very kind of you to take in an indenture without thinking twice.”

The room could have gone up in flames and Brook would never have noticed. She shifted her weight to her right side and blushed.

“I-I know you guys think it’s weird but-”

“Oh heck no,” Will interrupted with an amused smile. “I’m really glad that you felt the same as me when it comes to the indentures. To treat them like that even though their ancestors wronged us is beyond my comprehension. The indentures shouldn’t have to be held accountable for something they probably don’t even know about.”

Brook couldn’t believe it. This guy was nice. He was hot. He was funny. AND he understood her unlike the other humans.

“I know, right?” Brook agreed with great enthusiasm. “And what’s so great about killing other beings that look so similar to you? How is that FUN?”

“Finally,” Will sighed. “I was beginning to wonder if I had a mental issue like the others said.”

“Brook!” an angry shout came from down the hall. “What are you doing?”

Brook suppressed a groan of dislike. She knew that arrogant voice from anywhere. Reluctantly turning around, Brook saw Nathan striding over with an irritated glint in his eyes.

“I’m just talking to Will,” Brook sighed. “I know I have class next but he-”

Nathan walked right past Brook and up to Will with a distasteful glare. The two almost saw eye to eye, Nathan being only a centimeter shorter. Will attempted to be friendly although a normal person would have either glared back or fled.

“Oh, it’s been a while, Na-”

“Oh, shut up,” Nathan cut him off rudely. Abruptly turning around, he grabbed Brook’s arm and started towing her back to where he came from. “You’ve kept Lucy waiting long enough, so hurry up and-”

Brook ripped her arm out of his hand. “What’s wrong with you?” she spat venomously as she turned to apologize at Will.

“Look, I’m so sorry about Nathan.”

“It’s alright,” Will smiled with a hand raised up before Brook could continue. “We’ve never been on very good terms anyway.”

Nathan looked at Brook and Will back and forth, his eyes narrowing. Will noticed.

“Don’t worry,” Will laughed lightly. “I’d never dream of stealing my own brother’s fiancé.”

“I’m not worried about you stealing her,” Nathan glared over his shoulder as he took advantage of Brook’s confusion and dragged her off. “I’m more concerned about what you’d do to her.”

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