Chapter 13- Getting Ready For The First Day Of School❤️

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I wake up, knowing that today is the first day of school

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I wake up, knowing that today is the first day of school. I sigh and roll out of bed, quite literally, and fall on the floor. I get up, lazily, and grab my phone. I put on my playlist and start to brush my teeth, I put my hair into two inside out braids and go to pick out my outfit. I pick out some jeans and a pink addidas shirt. I grab my phone and put on a bit of mascara, I don't really wear make up, and a tiny bit of chap stick. I back my white backpack with some pens and pencils, a notebook and other things. Once I'm done I turn off my LED lights off and grabbed my bag. I closed my door to see all my brothers and step brothers up and ready. I start to go downstairs and on the was I'm met with Collin.

"Hey, I didn't mean to make you upset yesterday, are you OK?" He says I nod and smile at him. I can't stay mad at him forever I guess. I go down and grab some cereal and milk, and make me some and Danny since he was asking. I sat down next to him and grabbed my phone to go on insta, I was looking through when someone sat next to me.
"Hey!" He says as he takes a big mouthful of their food. I instantly know its Lean and I smile at him. Going back to my phone. Then I hear a stampeed of people running down the stairs.
"Morning Princess!" Dylan says as he pats my hair. I swat his hand away and he goes to get food. I get alot of 'Good morning princess' and 'Morning baby girl'. Which I gag at and then dad and Lydia comes down. I smile at dad and Lydia smiles at me, she goes to the kitchen. She throws me a smoothie which I catch with one hand and open. Eh she knows me so well. I drink it and go to put my pots in the sink. I smile at Jack on the way as he is getting his cereal. Once we have finished our cereal, we all pile into two cars and we make our way to school!
Sorry this chapter is short, I wanted to let you know about the Instagram account I made for Rosabell! Posting another story part today so I'll see you then! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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