Chapter 18

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I sweated with the fluffy blue blanket covering me. I was trying to sleep. I groaned. I grabbed my phone which was on the blue box I had beside my bed. I checked the time
"11:...08?..." I muttered. I groaned more, kicking the blanket off of me, "I'm too tired for this shit...let the demons consume me.." I rested my head on my pillow, hugging my body pillow. I don't sleep with William at times, and this was the one time. I sweated more
"OH COME ON!" I shouted, I got up and walked over in the dark, turning the fan on the highest it is, then I walked back to my bed, taking off my shorts and shirt. I smiled, "this is fine, i'll let the demons eat me up :)" I was about to lay on my bed. William opened the door
"MILO WHATS WRONG" I looked at William and blushed.
"William- Turn the hallways light off goddammit, you know I hate light- And knock-" He blushed, looking at my boxers
"Why are you just in-"
"I was trying to sleep William-" The ghost of Crackers appeared, taking a whole box of orange flavoured tiktaks. I look at her, "Crackers what the fu-" She looked at me blankly then disappeared. I looked at William. "William- I was trying to sleep and I was sweating my ass off-"
"Are you sick or something?"
"No, this is just normal for me, even if its winter" He smiled
"Leeeetttt meeee sleeeepppp wittthhhh yyoouuuuu" I looked at him
"ma-" He rushed over, throwing my body pillow off the bed then grabbed me, putting my onto the bed. He quickly closed my door, then lay beside me.
"I'm making sure your safe Milo!" He shouted. I blushed. I layed on my side, facing away from William like I was mad at him, but I was really just tired. He hugged me from behind
"Why you gotta face the other way arounddddd" I stayed quiet, then put my hands on his hands where he was hugging around, which was my chest. He purred happily, pulling me pretty close to him.
"William I am trying to sleep"
"I know" He told me, I closed my eyes. Still trying to fall asleep. I turned around on my other side to face william, who was just smiling and still hugging me. He pulled me even closer, then he layed on his back, pulling me up on top of him. I blushed
"William, what are you trying to do?" I asked him
"You don't like sleeping on your side" He told me, I looked at him, then rolled off of him
"But its uncomfortable lying on top of people" he rolled his eyes. I then hugged him. He smiled and hugged me back. I soonly fell asleep

I woke up hours later to sunlight hitting my face. William was holding the curtain by my bed away from the small window. I looked at him
"W-William! Stop that!"
"Wake up then!" He shouted. I growled then snatched his hand away from the curtain.
"God! You know I have sensitive eyes! Are you trying to blind me!" I yelled at him, I got up from the bed
"Well it's not my fault you never wake up when I tell you to!" I rolled my eyes
"Oh! And I have to hear everything in my sleep!" He nodded
"Yes! Yes you do!"
"I don't have to cunt!" He looked at me and shook his head. I growled
"If you're really gonna be a dickhead this morning then I'm gonna fucking leave you by yourse-" I started to walk away but he grabbed my hand.
"I'm sorry Milo.." I refused that
"No your not!" I walked out of the room to my living room. As soon as I walk in here I hear laughter downstairs. Are all the ghosts laughing at me? I rushed downstairs
"SHUT UP!!!" I yelled at them. They all looked at me
"Well god Milo, it's not usual for you to be pissed off like this!" Kitty shoved me. I growled, Felix and Crackers just nodded.
"I want to be by myself!" I yelled, Alex just glared
"Milo, you came down here, don't be a cunt and say you want to be by yourself"
"WHAT I MEAN IS LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I screamed at them
"Oh! You want us to leave you alone after what you did! You didn't fucking care about our deaths! You smiled and laughed about it!" They smiled looking lifeless. Just like their dead bodies. I growled. I started to feel scratching on my arms. I looked at the two of Felix and Kitty clawing my arms.
"Stopped that!" I pulled my arms away. I ran upstairs as my arms started to bleed
"You can't leave us Milo!" Kitty appeared in front of me, pushing me down the stairs. I quickly grabbed onto the railing. I didn't fall down the stairs, that'd be stupid to do. I stood up properly. I ran up, I felt a weight pick me up and throw my against the wall in the living room. I fell onto the floor, the blood from my arms bled into my sleeves.
"Ah- fuck." I lay on the floor, rolling up my sleeves
"What the fuck is wrong with all of you! Besides crackers, she does nothing wrong" all the ghost stood in front of me, crackers shrugged. William walked in
"Milo- MILO!" The ghost just looked at William then disappeared. He quickly went and grabbed bandages. He then went and wrapped my arms in the bandages. I watched looking lifeless. I really didn't care at this point. He sighed when he was done.
"Milo- Just figure out how to fix this nonsense" he stood up then walked to his room. I watched him. I sat up, think all about this.

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