Chapter 112

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Chapter 112:

Zayn sat behind his desk with his elbows prospered up against the edge, and his head rested upon the solid knuckles of his clenched fist.

It had been a day since Zayn drove his dick into Evelyn’s sister’s body in a desperate attempt to rush the girl who was breaking his heart out of his mind, even if it was for a few seconds… It was a hopeless attempt.

Three days, it had only been three days since Zayn made the stupid decision of allowing Evelyn some freedom, some time away from him. He had hoped distance made the heart grow fonder, but that logic seemed to have only worked for one of them.

Three days… for three days, Zayn couldn’t get her out of his head; he couldn’t numb the excruciating pain that haunted him for every second of those three days…

He glanced over some of the paper works that scattered his desk; some were from the Royals, requesting for more power, bribing Zayn with fine, exquisite goods and some were from his vampire governors from across the planet, each governed their districts the size of a small country.

He was trying to distract himself.

Records of one or two human revolts in the southern areas of Europe were reported, and the governors were requesting permission of publicly executing the daring rebels.

Zayn signed off and granted his permission. There were also requests of opening a few more blood farms in Northern Asia, and requests of a mass vampire slaughter in Egypt—there had been over a dozen documented illegally made vampires in the district.

Zayn sighed off both of the requests with his permission. He mentally made a note that it was time for the annual vampire depopulation. He hated illegally made vampires. It was a law that a human could only be turned with the permission of either the governor of the district, a member of the Royals or Zayn himself.

Nothing disgusted Zayn more than vampires who did not deserve immortality. Every year, he would knuckle down on the percentage of the population who had nothing to offer to the society. His desire to control was something unparalleled, and Zayn felt the need to rule the world with an iron fist, and slaughter anybody who dared to oppose his desires and way of thinking.

He knew the way he treated humans and lowly born vampires were inhumane and highly immoral, but Zayn did not earn that crown upon his head by being compassionate and a coward.

He knew when it was time to slaughter, kill, and torture and he had no problem doing so. Plus, his ways of ruling proved to be effective, as crime rates were the lowest ever in human history—inequality rate was the highest ever also, but Zayn couldn’t give two shits about the equality of the people.

Zayn strongly believed in the survival of the fittest, as that was what he had been taught by life, by the world he lived in. He spent the better half of his life on battlefields and had witnessed the suffering of humanity across the ages. He had seen too many gruesome scenes of pain, of heartbreak, of injustice to care.

There was a time in his life when he fought fiercely for equality of the races, of the genders, of the ages, of the sexuality, of everything…

There was a time in his life when all Zayn had wanted for kindness, happiness, love, and justice to prevail against every odd that opposed the dream of a Utopian world. He spent almost an entire century of his life, fighting for righteousness…

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