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James walks to school, just when he is about to enter the terrain, Luke taps him on his shoulder and appears on the other side of his friend. "Morning." James speaks.

"Morning." Luke replies. 

James glances at Luke, now James has glasses he can see his friend better, does Luke always look tired? Or is this a new thing?

Luke raises his eyebrow as he sees the puzzling on James' face.

"You look tired." James comments.

"I have been thinking a lot." Luke says. He chuckles a bit. "Short night, lots of dreams. The future is coming." Luke quotes, nearly speeches.

"You haven't even started on that project of yours." James says, punning him slightly.

"- Dreams and visions are good. They brings up closer to Mars, to the moon. Once Nikola Tesla made brilliant inventions about a 100 year before his time, and now we use them! Not all of them yet, but within 50 years, we'll use that wireless energy of him. -"

"Annnnd.... you started speeching." James says, walking with Luke inside the school.

"- Someday, people will use my nanotechnologies, I can see it happen, no longer surgeries done by men, we just send the nanos inside a body and they'll repair everything! We'll inject them like a vaccine. -" Luke is grinning as he tells his vision. "- We'll make the world great again."

"And what is your plan to quit the Earth Lungs from dying?" James changes the topic.

"The Amazones? We don't need them." Luke says. "We could use that space for growing food, making cities bigger than New York.

"You're insane. We need that rainforest, the world ecosystem relies to it. Without it, our planet is going to die within 30 years."

"It won't because this -" Luke points to himself "- scientist will safe us all!"

"How will you do that?" James says, glaring at his friend.


"That can't be an answer to everything." James says.

"Oh yes it is! They'll change your life Grumpy James. They will." Luke grins, slightly evilly. 

"You're insane."

"That's what all the people say about every scientist. It is our faith to be not understood." Luke grins, walking into class with James.

"This is not the same insane as -"

"Thank you!"

"I don't mean it in a go-"

"Thank you!"

"Luke shut the hell up!" James hisses.

Luke pushes his friend onto the seat. "You'll regret your words James. You will." he says dark as he sits down, pretending to the the god of the universe, the king of faith. the devil of the future. "You'll regret everything you said."

James rolls his eyes, gets his books and waits till the lesson starts. Ignoring Luke's darkness. 

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