Deleted Chapter: Original Epilogue

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She nodded. "About two months now."

Sakura clapped her hands. "Congratulations."

"Then technically you shouldn't have been in the show in the first place," Yuzuko gasped. "Grandpa said they're normally very vigilant when it comes to selecting people."

"The show was last month, Yuzuko. There

"Regardless," Bobby said. "The fact your baby is still alive and well is a miracle."

"So, will you two get married?" Nila asked.

"Not now," Aron admitted. "Maybe sometime after our baby is born. We'd like them to be a part of our marriage."

Nila rubbed her hands together. "That's so sweet."

Hassin laid down, stretching his arms with an extended yawn. "When can we go back home? I want to see my family again."

"What's up with you?" Todd asked. "You don't like our company anymore?"

Hassin sprung up. "Of course, I do! I'm happy to see you all in real life. I just wish it could have been under different circumstances."

"And some of us have families at home to go to." Nila stared at her phone's screen which displayed a picture of her three little girls playing football in their back garden. "I just thought since we'll all be leaving in a few days, I thought maybe we could have a goodbye meal together?"

"We've had lots of meals like that lately." Sook-Jo took tapped her phone and scrolled through pictures through her iPhone. "Look this picture got fifty thousand likes."

"That's us in the Eiffel Tower." Todd nudged Bobby. "You're a miserable bugger you! You ruined the picture."


"You're not even smiling. You really need to smile more."

"I'm sorry I'm not photogenic." Bobby felt he had a good reason not to smile in that picture.

"To be fair," Nila said in Bobby's defence, "We were all really tired and everyone was following us like we're superstars. It would be nice just to have one meal between us without the cameras rolling."

"Shall we go out somewhere?" Hassin picked up his phone and started looking up restaurants near them. "Anyone fancy a cold beer and some karaoke?"

"I kinda..." Yanyu stumbled and leaned into her husband's lap. "I wanted to go somewhere far away from home."

"We could always order a take away," Todd suggested. "I know Bobby is a big fan of Chinese food."

Bobby looked at Nila. "When's your flight back home?"

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