Deleted Chapter: Original Epilogue

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(Another chapter I had to scrap as Mariangela, Hassin and Nila are now dead, plus Fan already had his funeral on the show.)

As Sergeant Dust's men clean up the island ready for next year's contest, Sia kissed goodbye to her self-proclaimed babies. She made is clear. The survivors were stuffed in a private jet to New York City, except for Mariangela who stayed with Sia Bucks to plan the Pussy*Pussy*Meow*Meow's reunion tour. The others underwent interviews with the press. Although only one pair became billionaires, they were all considered winners by the general public.

After a month touring the world for public conferences, the survivors gathered in Yanyu's home in Shanghai. In the morning, she laid her only living relative, Uncle Fan to rest. In the afternoon, she married her online sweetheart, Mi Chang-Hoon in a private ceremony with only a small crowd as witnesses.

Hassin and Nila cooked a range of dishes for Yanyu as a gift for her hospitality over the rough few weeks.

Yanyu's apartment was minimal with only a sofa, cushions and a coffee table for her guests to sit on. She made her announcement to the others. "I don't think I will ever come to Shanghai again."

"Why?" Sook-Jo asked.

"Because I want to spend the rest of my life with Chang-Hoon."

"But Shanghai is a gorgeous city."

"Shanghai is amazing, beautiful and breath-taking, but Uncle Fan was my only family. He's gone now, I have no reason to be here anymore on my own."

Hassin stood and poured a glass of wine for Yanyu. "I think we can all consider ourselves family."

Yanyu looked over at Bobby, out of all the surviving contestants, Bobby Fishman had the quickest downfall. "I'm sorry to hear about your job."

Bobby looked up at Yanyu and smiled back. "It's fine. I was expecting it to happen anyway."

"They were bastards for doing it," Todd insisted. "I shouldn't have been so goddamn reckless."

"And after all the hard work you put into becoming a priest," Sakura gasped. "It was gone...just like that. It's not your fault. The church should understand."

"I'll be going to Vatican City next month. I'm sure the Pope can help get my position back."

"You did nothing wrong though!"

Bobby nodded. "The clergymen think I've sinned deeply. They think of me as a criminal."

Aron squinted. "I think it's unfair that they announced it on the news without even consulting you."

nodded. "They should have at least spoke to you first in person."

"So Rós is it really true?" Nila whispered, brushing her shoulder towards Rós. "Are you really..."

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