Deleted Chapter: Sia Meets Her Daughter

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(This chapter has been scrapped because of continuation problems. For example, Sergeant Dust already knows of Yuzuko's relation to Sia. His son is dead and I decided not to make him a divorced man anymore. Maybe with some edits I can bring this back into the story.)

Sia's favourite thing about Game of Mass Destruction was the grand finale. When there were only a few robots left, everyone went bananas. Last-minute orgies to bag up some seamen-covered points to a few killing sprees. Sometimes it made the viewers wonder are the robots the true villains?

Sergeant Dust roared with applause when his men brought out the remains of Alfie, Catherine and Christian into the mortuary. "Excellent jobs lads! Keep it coming. We're doing our bit for the environment." When the young soldiers left, he said to Sia, "I love my boys. They're all the sons I never had."

Sia wrinkled her nose. "What happened to your son?"

"Nothing. He's fine. I just never see him. A bit like your lass I guess."

"My daughter lives in a different country. Your son only lives across the road from your mansion. What's your excuse?"

Sergeant Dust appeared desperate to change the subject. "Sia, I was just wondering something."

"What's that?"

"I've made it so secret that I've been pleasuring myself to the female contestants. I've even done wanking contests with the boys. But whenever I want to pleasure myself to Sakura and Yuzuko you always try to distract me."

"I just happen to enjoy your company," Sia lied, only a little bit. No, it was a big lie, but Sergeant Dust didn't have to know that. She blamed the sticky keyboards he left behind for her poor appetite.

"So, which one is your granddaughter?" Sergeant Dust's open perverted was nothing new. She'd been tolerating his disgusting tendencies for years.

"Yuzuko." Sia shook her shoulders. "Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that the audience appreciates Yuzuko, but the fact that millions all over the world are jacking off to granddaughter is just revolting."

Sergeant Dust was speechless. He kept his eyes on Yuzuko. "Wow!"

Sia turned her nose at him before nudging his shoulder. "For goodness sake can we please have a bit of dignity for once? Put that rod back in your pants" Stomping her feet, she charged towards an overflowing binbag. "I'm fed up of cleaning everybody's spunk in the morning."

Sergeant Dust winked. "I'll clean up next time."

Thoughts of the dirty tissues scattered all over the studio made Sia pity the taxpayers. "This is why we need to hire housekeepers, but the government is like, oh Sia we have to be on a tight budget, and I'm like WHAT THE FUCK? YOU TALK SHIT!" Banging her hands against her chest, she rammed her face close up to Sergeant Dust. "I AM THE HIGHEST PAID WOMAN IN THE WORLD AND THEY'RE TELLING ME THEY CAN'T AFFORD GOOD CLEANERS. GIVE ME A BREAK. Y'ALL NEED TO START CLEANING UP AFTER YOURSELVES. I AM NOT YOUR MAMA!"

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