"Please get me out of here." She cried.

"I can't."

"Why can't you, I'm here all because of you! I wish I never met you, I wish you never exist!" She snapped, suddenly.

My lips pressed into a thin line. It was all an act. She never cared for me or our friendship.

"I-i'm sorry, Tessa, I di-" I cut her off.

"It was all an act, wasn't it? Why did you even pretend to be my friend when you weren't?! I too wish you never exist." I said. I never thought I would ever say that to a person, but I just couldn't take what she was saying.

She smirked.

"Too bad huh?" She said.

It's disturbing how one moment she's pleading like a innocent soul and another moment, she's like this.

"You don't even feel remorseful and I was worried about you. You know what? I hope you enjoy the time you'd spend here." I said whipping around to go. I felt suffocated just being around her.

"Bitch!" She spat. "This isn't over! You'd pay for all you've done, you slut!" I heard her call.

I got outside the station and got to Jake's car. He was already in it. Getting in, I used my hand to wipe of the tear that slipped out my eye.


"Can you take me home? I think i'm sick." I said. He sighed before starting the engine. We drove for what seemed like hours before I got home. "Thanks for the ride."

"Are you really going to cry for someone like her? Tessa.."

"I'm not crying for her."


End of flashback
"Mommy?" I heard Anne's voice. Cleaning the tears that was strained on my cheeks.

"Yes baby?" I replied.

I looked at her. She was in her pajamas, her teddy bear on her right hand. She came closer and climbed the couch before sitting next to be. "Why are you crying?" She asked.

"What? No I'm not crying baby, something got into my eyes." I lied. She nodded her head, her eyes solely on my face. It was probably red and fluffy.

"Come cuddle with mommy?" I asked and she grinned and got closer to me. We stayed like that till we fell asleep.

"Oh my god. I can't believe this." Zara gasped. I just nodded my head and continued what I was doing. I didn't want to talk about it, but Zara being herself pursued me to talk about it.

"S-she is in prison now, right?" She sighed. "She was a really nic-" I cut her off.

"Can we not talk about this?" I asked, slightly annoyed with the topic. I didn't want to say anything about Yvonne at that moment.

"S-sure. I-im sorry." She stuttered.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap like that." I said. I've been snapping at everybody lately. Jeez, you have to stop! My subconsciousness screamed at me.

"It's okay ma'am." She replied with a smile then got back to what she was doing.

I lost my job because of this. My only source of income. I sighed in frustration. I don't know why she had decided to ruin me. I've never done anything to her.

How am I going to get another job? It's so hard. "Excuse me." I said going to my room.

I fell on my bed immediately I got to it. I whimpered. Jake was the one who helped me get this job... Maybe he could help me get another?

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