Chapter 16

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"What?" I asked Jake because of the look he gave me. "What makes you think so?" He asked, clearly disappointed.

"I-i just know and Yvonne told me about Cris."

He looked at me curiously. You're such an idiot! You're defending a almost rapist here! My subconsciousness screamed at me. He didn't do anything and Yvonne knows him. I know Yvonne, she's a kind soul. If he was a rapist or something, she wouldn't have pleaded that much for him.

"She's being arrested." He suddenly said.

"Who?" I asked curiously.

"Yvonne." He spat. I looked at him confusedly for a moment before realizing what he'd just said. My eyes widened a bit.

"W-what do you mean, why?" I asked and he scoffed out a laugh. Why was he like this? He was never like this and then all of a sudden... "Tessa," he said when he noticed the my expression. "What did she tell you?"

"Tell me you're lying." I said and he raised an eyebrow.

"Lying about what?" He asked. Was he being serious? "About Yvonne."

"No," He answered. "I answered your question, now you'll answer mine. What did she tell you?" He asked. I wanted to know why she was being arrested. Tears was threatening to pour out my eyes. Poor Yvonne.

Maybe if I answered him, he would tell me everything? No! I had to call her. Digging inside my bag, I brought out my phone.

"What are you doing?" He asked curiously. "Calling Yvonne."

"You can't." He said. "What did she do?" I asked. I waited for what seems like forever but he didn't reply me. "Fine!" I snapped before telling him everything Yvonne said.

"You know, I've always thought you were smarter than this," He said clearly disappointed. "Here." He gave me his phone. Looking at it curiously, a video played.

I was sat at a couch in my living room, it was dark. My eyes was set out the window.

It has all been her.

I couldn't believe this. I've always thought we were friends. We'd always be there for each other, I loved her as a sister.

Bringing my legs to me shoulders, I whimpered.

"I didn't do anything, Tessa, you have to believe me, this is all a misunderstanding," Yvonne cried. She was behind the bars crying.

I didn't know what to believe. After watching that video of Cris admitting she was the one behind this, my mind went blank. "I.." I tried to say something but couldn't get any out of my mouth.

"Please, tell them this is all a misunderstanding." She pleaded.

"Is it?" It left my mouth before I could stop it. And she nodded her head rapidly.

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