chapter thirty five - happy feels

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"I don't know if I'll be able to eat," Marlene said in a urgent, quiet voice. The normally perky, sassy girl was being unusually quiet on May 20, the day of their Trasfiguration exam. Once Lily and Laurelle had seen that even Marlene was nervous, they'd become so too, even though they'd all studied so much already. Dorcas was, of course, still just as serene and collected as usual.

"You have to, otherwise you'll just emd up feeling even more stressed," Dorcas advised. Lily, Laurelle and even Marlene, in her nervous state, glared at Dorcas, who had taken to giving them these "motivational" words but that really just served as another way of making them nervous.

Dorcas shrugged, and managed to walk ahead of them with her long legs. Lily tried to increase her pace, but somehow, her book bag split open and all of her books, quills and her inkbottle fell out, spilling ink all over the floor.

"You need help, Lils?" Laurelle asked, Dorcas and Marlene stopping with her. Lily could tell that they were anxious to eat, so she shook her head.

"It's fine, you go on without me," Marleme gave her a concerned look amd she waved her wand to show she was fine. They nodded, and then walked off, Dorcas amd Marlene's argument growing fainter the further they went.

Sighing at the small yet added stress, Lily bent down and tried to remember the siphoning spell in her tangled mess of thoughts.

"Evans, psst!" Someone whispered. At first, Lily thought the voice was in her head, and she began to worry that all the exam stress was making her crazy. But then another yell of "Evans!" came from somwhere behind her and she realized only one person called her that.

"Where are you?" She whisper/yelled back, and James came out of nowhere, as if he were appearing from thin air. He shoved something into his cloak pocket and then walked towards her.

"I made your bag break, sorry though," he said, speaking normally.

"It's fine," Lily said offhandedly, and with one wave of her wand amd a whispered incantation, she managed to fix the bag and clean up the ink. "Why were you hiding?"

"Oh," James said. His face turned the faintest trace of red and he ran a hand through through his unruly black hair. "Well..." he looked over at Lily, who was watching him curiously. James Potter never blushed, and for him to just blush all of a sudden was interesting. She arched her brow. "Well, Alice mentioned that there might a end-of-term ball at... the end-of-term," he looked down, still running his hands through his hair. "Wouldyouliketoshareadancewithme?"

"What?" Lily couldn't help but laugh lightly. James looked so adorable in that moment, with his face and ears red and his hair flopping messily onto his forehead, his hazel eyes cast downwards. She stifled another laugh as he looked at her and took a deep breath. "Would you like to share a dance with me... if there's a ball, of course?"

"I-" it was Lily's turn to be flustered. She could feel her cheeks warming up, and she cursed herself for blushing so easily. "I mean - I wouldn't mind," she said, looking down. "If there's a ball, of course," she added hastily.

James brightened up, and the confident glint returned to his eyes. "Thank you," he said in a breathless voice. "Really, Evans , thank you so much." He grinned.

"I - its no problem," Lily stuttered. She honestly didn't know how she was going to focus with James dopey grin imprinted on her retinas. She was probably going to get a really horiible mark.


The exam wasn't as hard as they'd all thought it would be. On the contrary, Lily knew most of the paper from her heart, especially Hyphis Hinkleberry's Law on object to animal Transformations (est.1361, she'd added woth a flourish.) She figured she'd done just as well on the practical (a pincushion into a peacock) and was confident that she would get a good grade.

"That exam was exhilarating," Sirius said cheerfully as the lot of them walked to the Great Hall for lunch.

"Look at you using big words,' James said, grinning dopily at Lily from behind Sirius. When she smiled back, he pointed at Sirius, raised his finger to his head amd twisted it around. She laughed.

"I saw that," Sirius said, mock-scowling, and just like that, they began wrestling. Lily left them to their own devices and turned to Marlene and the others.

"That exam was so easy," Marlene said. "Not even half as bad as I thought it would be,"

"It's simple really," Dorcas began. "If you put your mind to something, like really just focus on your goals, you can achieve anything and-" she was silenced by a laser glare from Marlene and Lily.

"How'd you guys do?" Laurelle asked Remus and Peter.

"I did pretty good, I suppose," Peter said with a shrug. Lily noticed he didn't look nearly as nervous as she'd thought he would be. He looked pretty calm actually.

"The practical was cool, the exam meh," Remus said, shrugging scarily similar to Perer. Lily noticed that the four boys had these weird tendencies to do things the others normally did, such was their friendship. It was kind of creepy.

"Those idiots probably aced it," Marlene said, casting an envious glare over to James and Sirius, who were now sword fighting with their wands. It seemed that Sirius had the upper hand, because he kept advancing on James and prodding him in the chest, whereas James kept on backing up and batting Sirius' wand away.

Lily felt a strange rush of affection as she stared around at her friends. Marlene, Laurelle and Peter were arguing with Dorcas and Remus about how peacocks were supposed to look, and it was such a silly thing to argue about Lily couldn't help but laugh. She watched as Sirius finally finished James off, raising his wand in the air, while James mock-died on the floor. He rolled over and caught lily's eye, and he gave her a big, bright grin - his slightly-crooked tooth catching onto his lip - that looked ridiculous with his long legs and arms splayed out everywhere while he thrashed around on the floor and his hair in all directions. Lily grinned back, a big, pretty thing that made James momentarily stop thrashing around to stare at her, wide-eyed.

Maybe the outside was getting worse. Maybe there were future murderers in the school. But at the moment, she had a dance with what was probably the soon-to-be love of her life to look forward to, and just for a while, that would be enough.


Not gonna lie, this chapter is kind of cheesy. Also, look at me, updating for the first time in a millenium. I do hope you like this chapter because I really did and I'm working on Chapter Thirty Six so yay😊

Also, I got 100% on an English essay and my teacher wants to know if I've written any books before but I don't think I'm going to tell her about this😂

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