Chapter 32

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Even over the small rocks in the road, the back of the truck jostled all over. The amount of storage being packed there didn't help either. It took all of Jorge's energy not to freak out. The four had ended up making it to the truck without much suspicion, the driver was enough of a dunce not to notice. The only audible noises were the cars rushing past the delivery vehicle, making Jorge jump almost every time. He felt ashamed, but being curled up in the crook of Benji's neck seemed to help.

Benji on the other hand was just nervous. He had sensed Jorge not wanting to come, but Benji really worried the other boy wouldn't say yes. Would he need to say yes? Isn't it just a promise? I mean, he could just deny the offer but-

It was as if the truck hit a speed bump at 70 mph. Benji and Jorge, who were practically connected at the hip flew into the air, letting go of each other. Camilla and Fiona were as jostled as the two, with boxes almost suffocating everyone. Thankfully, everyone was able to laugh it off, especially the two girls who ended up in eachothers' lap.

A bitter taste in his mouth started to surface as the truck lurched to a stop. It was inevitable, the ride couldn't go on for forever. They quickly shuffled out the back, being sure to stay out of the driver's line of sight. They escaped into the darkness, shifting through allies and drifting past roads. Once they were far enough away, Benji paused. Jorge was practically glued to him, out of both fear, and needing someone to hold onto. His arm was interlocked with his, and their bodies were so close nothing could get past them.

"I-I think the shop is going to be down here? Uh, Camilla you go with me." Benji said, and dropped Jorge's hand, pulling himself away from the already terrified boy. It was a painful experience for the both of them, but Jorge just felt lost. Here he was, out in the middle of god knows where in Spain, and the one person who was supposed to get through this with him decides to up and leave.

His shoulders visibly slumped, and he couldn't meet Benji's eyes. His head just stared to the ground. Jorge couldn't get through his head what Benji said, before taking off with Camilla into the darkness. It had to be midnight, the drive took practically an hour.

What the hell? And he promised it would be worth it. But he leaves me with a girl I've known for a day.

The rain cloud above his head seemed to shout with thunder, raining on Jorge's already shitty parade. Fiona noticed this, but all she could do was rub Jorge's upper arm before he violently pushed her off. The boy felt bad about it too, it wasn't as if she did anything.

But they ended up finding a bench, and Jorge just rubbed his eyes, messing up the already messy makeup plastered to his skin.

"Talk to me." Was all she said, the three words meaning more than what was audibly available.

"I thought this was going to be an adventure. Something fun. Where he wouldn't actually just up and leave me in who knows where. I can't believe I even thought he could give one shit about me. But I guess that's what you get when he's a damn prince. Benji's just got too much to do." Words spitballed out of his mouth and into the dry air, his arms going up and down with gestures to match his speech. Fiona just gave him a look mixed with pity and sour-fullness. "Besides, we haven't even talked about what...we are. It isn't end game. The king won't allow it and I'll just go back to my lazy work, without him."

But it'll probably be easier. Without him there.

Jorge wasn't even sure where all these thoughts were coming from, his entire brain was going back and forth, loving Benji then hating his guts. It got to be exhausting.

"L-Lets just go grab a drink or something. It's dark out and I don't want to stay out here any longer than we have to." Fiona urged, not saying a word about Jorge's spitballing.

So they walked off, and just for safe measure, Jorge shoved the thought of Benji far deep in a mental safe. And locked it.


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