Chapter 31

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So the four returned back to the library in good time, leaving about twenty minutes until the food truck left the palace. Sure, it wasn't that much time, but Benji had to be mentally confident. They all could feel a mood in the air of anticipation and giddiness, but nobody spoke on it, and the mood was left unhandled.

Jorge tipped the box upside down, spilling wigs, party accessories and dress up clothes all on the floor. The carpeted ground was covered in color, ranging from black to blue to red, and many more. Benji protested, but the other boy just smiled back with that evil grin of his. You know the one.

So the four played a type of dress up, laughing at how ridiculous everyone looked in the drag like clothing. They each decided Benji needed to be covered the most, with his facial features being drastically changed by Camilla and makeup. But none of it seemed to make a difference, Benji still looked like the prince of Spain. So they just hoped nobody would notice. Fiona suffocated his head in a blond wig and beanie, covering up the ratty golden curls of the lace. Black was their main clothing color, it would make it simpler to trespass onto the truck without suspicion. Jorge just sported a black beanie without a wig, he figured it would be nicer on his already dyed hair.

In one corner laid Camilla and Fiona, each doing each other's makeup and bonding surprisingly well. The other had Jorge and Benji, relaxing after their stress inducing makeover.

"Mind telling me why we're actually doing this? I feel like I'm being thrown under the bus. Hell, you talked to both of them separately and I know it's about me, Benji." Annoyance lingered in Jorge a little too much, and he felt a little bad for how he snapped at the other boy.

"I- I can't tell you." Jorge just looked to the ground, not wanting to say a single word to Benji.

"Fine." He stiffened up in Benji's lap, scooting off to sit next to him instead. It was a small movement, but they both knew what it meant. Benji's stomach just dropped to the floor even more.

Camilla looked at the clock on the wall, slightly freaking out at what it read. "You said it left at eleven thirty?" She asked, almost messing up Fiona's eyeliner. Jorge nodded, standing up and grabbing some of the wigs that were scattered on the floor and shoved them back into the box. "Then we've gotta go like now..."

And with that, the group that seemed to be growing stronger by the minute took off, eager to escape into the night. Dodging cameras, they weaved in and out of hallways, ones neither of the three had seen before. Benji just ran ahead, holding Jorge's hand who clearly didn't want to. It was a bit awkward, but they were in too much of a hurry to notice. Their black shoes floated on the tile, making small pitter-patter noises quiet enough only a mouse could hear it. And even though nobody laid outside the windows into the dark, the absence of people seemed to laugh at and draw them in, screaming at Benji they'd get caught. He was risking so much.

His mind drifted back to the scar, but he pushed it right back out his ear, not wanting to think of the consequences that laid before them. Besides, they weren't getting caught.



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