Chapter 30

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The amount of wigs the palace specialized in was insane. Jorge and Camilla were easily able to find them, and it was almost a hassle hauling the heavy dress up items between the two. He didn't want to specifically classify it as drag, but Jorge had a feeling that was exactly what they were doing.

They picked out not as flashy clothes and wigs, since they were indeed sneaking out. Although Jorge still wasn't fully on board. He had no idea why, and it just seemed like a trip that wasn't worth it. Maybe he'd just drop the shit and run away right on the spot. The only thing keeping his feet going at a steady pace was Benji. After all they'd been through, and the back and forth ends to their relationship, the prince and the gardener were still together.

"So... are you really sure about sneaking out? I mean if we get caught it's all over." Jorge said, trying to get Camilla to believe him.

"I'm not gonna totally reveal Benji's plan or anything but he's got something for you. There's a reason, don't worry." She smiled at the end, filling Jorge with a wave of relief but curiosity at the same time.

Something for me?

Honestly, knowing Benji it's probably food. Or garden supplies? Probably nothing big, it's not like he's the type of person to do that.

But even if Jorge's mind flooded with negative ideas, he still was over the top ecstatic.

Benji was doing something for him. Something special. Jorge didn't know at the time, but it would change his life for the best and worst.


Shorter, but I hope you pay attention to that last word 😳👉👈

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