Chapter 36

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L E V I ' S   P O V

Ophelia's been in her room for four days straight.

I had to bring back two maids to ensure that she was eating and for the other one to clean her room once in a while. I also made sure that Sam was here to cook her favorite meal; chicken alfredo, but even that hadn't gotten a word or a different emotion other than crying out of her and I was getting worried.

I hadn't seen her beautiful face since she locked herself in her room and I felt like it was all my fault.

I took a deep breath as I knocked on her door, "Baby?" I called softly.

My eyes squeezed shut when I hear her little sniffles coming from in the room from her sobbing.

I had hoped that she would've at least stop crying by now because I hated to hear her in pain. I knew that my parents' opinion mattered more than anyone else to her since she felt as if she had to prove herself to them.

"Could you open up?" I murmured as I rested my head on the wooden door, the palm of on hand against it as well. "Please," I pleaded.

I didn't hear any movement inside; in fact, it seemed like she tried to be as quiet as possible, and that hurt me more than anything that she was ignoring me.

I stood there for a moment longer before pulling away from the door, running a hand through my disheveled hair in the process.

I then pulled my phone from my pocket as I walked back the way I came from, "Hello?" Shalissa answered after she picked up my call. "Fucking stop it, boy. I'm on a call." She hissed afterward.

"Shalissa, can you come over? It's Ophelia." I sighed tiredly. I knew that I had dark bags under my eyes and I was in for a shave. If Ophelia wasn't feeling well, how could I even sleep properly?

I heard shuffling, "Happen to her?" She asked and I could hear the urgency in her voice.

"My parents came over for dinner," I said and I knew that I didn't have to say anything more.

"Well that shit can't be good, " She says. "I'll be over in twenty."

"And bring Elijah, " I spoke.

There was a pause in the background, "How'd you know that he was here?" She mumbled.

"When isn't he? Like he doesn't have a fucking job to go to," I retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." She grumbles and afterward, ends the call.


"So tell me exactly what happened." Elijah inquired as he sat down in the chair in front of my table, unbuttoning the top button of his suit.

"They claimed that they wanted to meet her. At first, I rid them of the idea but as I thought longer, I thought that maybe it wouldn't be so bad and Ophelia would want to meet them sometime." I shook my head. "They came in, he disregarded her handshake, insulted her food, and completely embarrassed her and I fucking hate myself for allowing them to come in my house and do that," I explained.

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