Chapter 54

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"What did she do?"

"Well I don't actually know if it was her or if I'm completely imagining things"

"Well what do you think she did?"

"It sounds really dumb"

"I deal with ditsy, idiotic and stupid everyday. I can deal with dumb."

"Well she's been dating Taylor. You met him the other day right?"

"Yeah skate's friend"

"Yeah well he's my best friend and last night she told me to back off. Obviously I said no- I'm not just gonna abandon my friend because of some stupid girlfriend. And I guess she didn't like that"

"Why? What did she do?"

"Well my theory is that she changed the date and time on all of the boys' phones to make them a Friday. So matt woke me up and then I got ready and all that and Taylor dropped me off at school"

"Then you realised no one was there and rung your friends and they were all busy or didn't answer? Therefore you were left to walk home in the torrential rain and wind?"

"Yeah, how did you know that?"

"Sounds pretty familiar"


"You know Capricorn right?"

"Unfortunately" I whisper

"Well we used to be best friends until Mia came into the picture. I spent all my time with Capricorn before and I didn't want that to change- of course Mia didn't like that"

"So she did the exact same thing to her?"


"Wow, this girl really needs to get some new ways of ruining people's lives.. And hair" I say making Jake laugh uncontrollably. "I've never heard you laugh like that"

"Not many people have. I'm the tough guy in school- I show no emotion."

"Apart from when you're hitting on girls" I wink

"Yeah, apart from then"

"You should smile more often you know" I smile "It suits you"

"Are you flirting with me?" He asks completely dead pan.

"Oh my god no!" I say embarrassed. Did it really sound like I was?

"I'm joking!" He says bursting into laughter "My clothes look good on you by the way"

"Everything does" I laugh standing up and giving a little twirl.

"You're so.. Yourself, around me. I've never had a heart to heart with anyone."

"Not even Capricorn?" I say rolling my eyes

"Nope. What's your problem with her?" He asks. I tell him the story of what happened with Shawn. "Oh I can see why you don't like her. You're very loyal to your friends"

"They're my idols" I say without thinking, immediately clamping my hand over my mouth. "Oh god, that's embarrassing"

"Don't worry about it. I heard nothing" He winks.

"So tell me. Why are you so nice 1 to 1 but such an asshole at school?"

"My group of friends pressure me into a lot of things. They made me into who I am. When I first started school I was a complete nerd- they took me in and made me into the hunk I am today"

"You're so obnoxious" I scoff. "What else do they pressure you into?"

"They want me to sleep with as many girls as I can. It's like a competition between us all. It sounds disgusting I know but I just got so caught up in it and eventually I forgot what I thought of it. I'm a guy. Guys have needs"


"They all pointed you out to me. They said you were so hot that you'd never even give me a second glance" he starts to laugh "But now here you are on my bed, wearing my clothes"

"So that's all I am to you? A challenge that you need to complete"

"At first yeah but now I know you it's so much more than that. Yeah I seem like a complete jerk and I'm not sure how I'm gonna get out of this one but I do like you Skylar. Not just because you're hot or beautiful. You're so innocent but sassy but kind all at the same time. You're hilarious" he winks "you know proper full speed rap songs. Not just like 'Fancy' or that Ariana Grande song with Iggy Azalea in it"

"Problem?" I laugh. The boys are obsessed with her.

"Yeah and you don't care that you look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards right now or that people call you the most horrific names at school."

"What do they call me?"

"I shouldn't-"

"Tell me. I don't wanna be surprised when they start saying it to my face"

"Well there's some okay ones like Mrs Grier and slut and whore and all that. But then there's some strange ones like Fat Sky- that literally makes no sense"

How do they know about that? Only the people back in England know that.. Act cool. It doesn't bother you. You're cool, popular Sky now- nothing like you used to be.

"Well that's dumb because I'm smoking" I laugh. It doesn't bother you.

"Exactly" he says as we hear a loud beep coming from another room. "Dryer's done" he sings at the top of his voice, standing up.

"Nice falsetto" I laugh

"Oh dear. Did I just do that?" He looks really embarrassed. The hardest guy in school can go that high pitched? Wow.

"Don't worry about it. I heard nothing" I wink, repeating his words from earlier. "We're we really talking for an hour?"

"Yeah, lemme go get your stuff from the dryer" He says walking away from me.

"Okay! Thank you" I call after him.

Beep. I hear my phone tell me I've got a message. I look at my phone, it's not mine. I see Jake's phone lit up next to me. I see the contacts: Nash, Jack Gilinsky, Taylor and Jake. Why would they have a group chat? How do they even know Jake? He's only met Taylor.

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