Chapter 29

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*** 7 months later ***

*** 7 months later ***

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"Ma." Jamiyah said reaching for me. I picked her up and she started playing in my hair. The twins is now 1 years old, me and Bryson live in a condo. Me and Megan ain't friends no more, we fell out bad. But that's another story for another day.

"This lil nigga is funny." Bryson said talking about Jamell jr. Everyday he reminds me more and more of Jamell. He look just like him. Jamell ain't came to see his kids in months.

"Dada." Miyah said reaching for Bryson. Bryson picked her up.

"Sweetheart I'm not your dada. I'm Uncle Choppa."

I smiled at him. Miyah calls Bryson Dada all the time and that shit is honestly sad. She ain't seen her real father in forever and she don't got no memories of him probably. Jr on the other hand calls Bryson 'Chop' I think he knows who Jamell is. Bryson been my only help with the twins. Eisha and Ken moved back to Atlanta some months ago.

"That pussy ass nigga ain't even tried to see his kids?" Bryson asked. I shook my head.

"Mane he's going to the studio today. Maybe you should stop by I'll come with you." Bryson said.

"Nah if he wanna see em he'll stop by." I said.

"Girl you being really stubborn. Now I might not like the nigga but he deserves to have a bond with his kids." Bryson said.

Maybe I should let him shit. What can I lose?

"I guess you right. We can go to the studio or whatever. Put the twins shoes on" I said. Bryson put the twins shoes on and we walked out the our condo. The twins are walking now and talking good. I strapped them in my car and I started driving to the studio. A lot of shit happening in these months. Jamell career is getting bigger and bigger by the day, Sak and Juvy got shot and killed in a drive by shooting. I went to both funerals to pay my respects to their families.

"What if he don't wanna see the twins?" I asked looking at them through the rearview mirror.

"Girl fuck him if he don't."

I nodded in agreement and pulled up at the studio that Jamell records at. Me and Bryson got out the car and we grabbed the twins out the car. We started walking in the studio and walked in. I heard a beat to a song and his voice.

"She don't want love. She don't love no one but herself all she care bout is a lace front weave and a boutiques from Chanel."

"Girl open the damn door."

I rolled my eyes and opened the door and Jamell looked at me and furrowed his eyebrows and he looked down at the twins.

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