Chapter 28

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"These babies so damn cute." Bryson cooed holding Jamell jr. The lil nigga was smiling and laughing for once. I smiled at him bonding and shit. It was just me and him here and he was helping me with the twins.

I cleared my throat and winced feeling my side hurt. Bryson looked at me.

"You good?"

I just nodded in response. It's been 2 days since the whole incident with Jamell happened. I'm sore as fuck but imma bad bitch so it don't phase me I've felt worse pain. I ain't cried or shit about it and that's how I know I'm changing because usually I'll be a crying mess. I've just been boiling with anger and if I see Jamell personally I know in gon go off so I'm avoiding that situation. Mariah been exploiting Jamell thru Social Media for some reason.

"Girl Mariah the bitch that Melly fucked wit over here exposing him." Bryson said.

"She miserable." I said shrugging.

"She over here talking bout 'hE bEaT mE aNd MaDe mE aBorT oUr cHild.' That bitch know she was never pregnant. She needs a hobby her ass needa fold some clothes or sum'" Bryson said. I laughed slightly at his comment. Also me and Bryson have gotten a closer friendship. When I came home after that situation wit Melly he stayed the night and helped me with the Twins. He said he gon be helping regardless. 1 because he loves kids and 2 because he know I need a damn break.

"Oh and Jamell mama wants to see the twins. I know Melly ugly ass gon be there." I said. He laughed at me.

"Girl... Tell his mama about his behavior lately. Shit I'll beat his ass for you on Grape Street." He said.

"Get my Choppa and all."

I smiled at him and got up.

"Anyways we gotta go. I'm only gon be here for about a hour." I said. Bryson nodded and got the kids in their car seats. He wanted to come with me. We went outside and it was hot.

"See only in Florida it'll be hot when it's supposed to be Autumn." Bryson said strapping the kids into the car. We both got into the car and I put on my GPS to get to her house.

"This bitch- I mean lady lives far as fuck." Bryson said.

"I'm pretty sure she raised her son not to hit women. Plus I seen her ass on Instagram going off and she don't seem like nobody's Mother figure. So if I meet her and she's any thing like she is on Instagram I'mma say 'Throw the mama and son away'." Bryson said. I shook my head at him laughing.

"Bryson you going straight to hell in a hand basket." I said.

"Nah forreal her ass is to fuckin' old to be talking about violence and shit. Fuck is wrong with people mama's? See that's probably why he act the way he do sis ain't raise him right or something. I'll see when I walk in this house." Bryson said.

"Sis talking bout some 'I gOt sHoOtErS'."

"Bitch! Shut up Bryson you bout to crack me the fuck up when I walk in this hoe." I said.

"On Jesus Christ imma be throwing all types of shade. Watch when I get in here Melly crazy ass don't scare me shit if he kill me then plan my funeral. I wanna be laid in a Gucci casket wit a Armani suit." Bryson said. I laughed and pulled up in front of Jamell's mama house. We got out the car and grabbed the twins and went to knock on her door.

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