Rainy Days

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You wake up before Senku today and get out of bed tiptoeing around making sure to not wake the sleeping boy up, if he was sleeping in he was probably tired and it's best to leave him be, He worries so much about you but you know he's been working just as hard as you and he rarely takes breaks.

Walking out of the tree house you look up at the sky and see huge, dark clouds in the distance making their way towards the camp. A storm was coming.

"Thank god we are not in that small lean-to on the ground anymore so we won't get wet." you think as you make your way into the forest.

You keep your eyes on the clouds while you work, you've gathered enough food for the day so you head back not wanting to get caught up in the rain while in the middle of a forest. By the time you've returned to the camp the clouds are right above you blocking any light from the sky and causing heavy winds to blow leaves and dirt around.

You spot Senku rushing around to prepare for the storm. You drop your backpack full of berries in the tree house and climb back down to help Senku put wood inside the lab to prevent it from getting wet.

The rain starts coming down hard pelting you in the face and completely drenching you, blindly you make your way to the tree house the mix of fog and rain making it impossible to see more than 10 meters in front of you. The feeling of the piercing rain bullets hitting your face and causing you to squint to prevent getting practically stabbed in the eye by the rain. You hear Senkus voice and head towards it, now heading in the right direction you find the ladder and climb up.

The rain beats down on the roof made of sticks and leaves but it seems to be holding up fine. You turn to Senku whos busying himself with the berries separating them into bowls depending on the type. Walking over you sit next to the boy, your both silent as the sound of the rain fills the room.

"Your clothes are completely drenched y/n you're going to get sick," he says.

"N-not much I can do about, Ill d-dry off."

"Your freezing and your teeth are already chattering."

Suddenly he turns to you and takes his shirt off handing it to you. Both of your faces are slightly red

"T-thanks Senku are you sure you won't freeze?"

"Don't worry about me I didn't go play on the rain like you did," he says smirking.

"I wasn't trying to get caught in the rain." you huff.

You stand up to change.

"Uhh, Senku."


You blush "c-can you turn around?"

You expect him to comment oh how illogical you're being worried about him when you're going to get sick and give you his spiel about the stone world not caring about clothing, but he blushed and quickly turns around.

The shirt is big on you it obviously fits like a dress on Senku so for you it nearly comes to your ankles, this is the opposite of a problem as you want to be modest as possible while only wearing a shirt.

"Thanks," you say as he turns around.

You sit down next to the now shirtless boy and rest your head on his shoulder he flinched when your cold skin touches his bit he relaxes as he continues to work on the berries.

When he finishes he sets the bowls aside and wraps one arm around your shoulder and leans his head on yours. You both sit in silence watching the rain.

"Senku can you dance?"

"Uhh... no."

"Come on I'll show you it's not hard." you stand up with your arm extended out for him to grab.

Face bright red Senku grabs your hand and allows you to pull him up.

"Here," you say "you put your hands here on my hips and ill hold your shoulders."

"Now you just follow my feet."

"This is one hundred billion percent the worst I would not do this for anyone else you know."

"I know, that's why I'm happy you're trying for me."

You eventually fall into a rhythm and pull each other close his bare chest pressing against yours, your steps get smaller until your just swaying while holding each other, neither of you mind. "Man I love this girl I wish this moment could last forever." Senku thinks.

When your feet tire you opt to sit down and return to resting your heads on each other. Watching the rain.The storm lasts all night although you are both worried about the heavy beating the roof is going through it seems fine not dripping or caving in on you two so you both relax, eventually the calm and relaxing sound of rain lulls the both of you to sleep, still in each other's arms, where you both secretly feel safest.

Authors note

This book now has over 20k reads thank you guys I'm so happy people have been enjoying this because I loving writing it.

I'm sorry if your taller than Senku (5'6) I'm 5'2 so if I wore his dress thing it would be long.

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