{2} Welcome To Your Classroom

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As I walked into the school I decided to follow the short haired female teacher. 'Miss Applegate' I believe her name is. My mom told me all the teacher's names when she was coercing me into doing this volunteer work. I still can't believe she got me to do this!

With no instructions on where to go I entered the first floor classroom. There I saw Nugget and Ted fiddling with toys at their desks. When they saw me they both waved with bright smiles on their faces which I just had to return, but before I could go and talk to them I was stopped by a cranky voice that bellowed from the front of the classroom,

"You there!"

I looked towards the front and saw the teacher. I studied her features. Short, curly, auburn hair, with a very low cut shirt. How did the principal allow her to wear such revealing clothing in front of kids! But her most noticeable trait was her very large, gigantic, HUMONGOUS...


She spoke once again,

"Don't just stand there looking like an idiot! Come here!"

I was a bit spooked by her attitude so I walked up to the front of the classroom with slightly wobbly knees. I reached where she was standing and I spoke nervously,

"Um, yes? How may I help you?"

She rolled her eyes like she wasn't interested in me at all, she looked like she wanted to go home and sleep for more than a hundred years, occasionally getting up to eat a box of cupcakes and then head back to her bed.

"You're the new helper around here, right?"

Miss Applegate looked at me, waiting for my answer, but when I opened my mouth I was immediately cut off.

"Yes, okay, fabulous! Look kid, I need you to monitor these little twerps while I take a nap. I'm going through some serious withdrawals right now, and I'm one incident away from snapping! Keep an eye on Buggs okay? He's a real troublemaker."

She points towards a larger boy with a brownish grey buzz cut sitting at a desk looking EXTREMELY pissed off. I had a feeling that if I wanted to keep my bones intact I should just leave him alone. He looked up from his desk and made direct eye contact with me. He didn't smile or even blink for that matter. If looks could kill I would've had twenty eight stab wounds by now! I know I shouldn't get scared by a kid but holy cow! That is one hostile child!

I quickly look away from Buggs and turn my attention to Miss Applegate,

"I think you can handle such a simple task so don't screw it up!"

Her words were seething with annoyance and fatigue. At this point I knew better than to get her angry, so I silently nodded and complied with her request. She looked at me once more with a 'I'm-totally-done-with-everything' look before sitting at the front desk and immediately dosing off.

It seems like it's just me, and a whole bunch of kiddos. Despite how much I wanted to stand there and wait for Miss Applegate to wake up I knew it wasn't happening anytime soon, so I walked over to a small blonde hair girl sporting pigtails and a pink dress. She looked so precious! I reached her desk where she sat, admiring a plush dolly. I took a seat next to her and introduced myself,

"Hi there, my name is (Y/N). What's your name?"

Instead of a soft voice reaching my ears I was greeted with a snobby one.

"Hey! My name's Cindy! Oh my gosh, don't you just love this doll? She's so pretty just like me, don't you think!"

She held up the doll beside her face and gave me a toothy grin, trying imitate the smile on the doll's face. The doll looked extremely different from Cindy as it has red hair put into two braids with a blue dress, but not wanting to be rude I agreed with her.

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