Donald the Surfer

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(Based on an idea by transformersprimefan)

Donald and Douglas like working together. They can pull heavy freight trains perfectly well on their own, but they prefer to do the work together. But sometimes, they spend too much time around each other and they often end up in arguments. And when they argue, they can cause confusion and delay. 

One day, the twins were bringing heavy cargo to Arlesburgh Harbour. Captain Joe was there to help unload the crates on their flatbeds. 

(Ryan can be seen pulling a goods train. Henry can also be seen leaving the area.) 

"Right on time, you two," he said cheerily. 

"Thank ye, sir," said Donald. 

"We'd have been here early if somebody didnae make us stop halfway," added Douglas. 

"Ye know I needed some water," huffed Donald. 

"Ha! I always have enoof!" 

"What about that one time ye lost yer tender?" 

"Only cos you took it away from me!" snapped Douglas. 

"Don't start, you two!" interrupted Captain Joe. "Why don't you clear the air in your boilers by going to Bluff's Cove? The sea air and the sight of children on the beach is sure to brighten your spirits." 

"Och aye, sir!" agreed the twins. 

Donald and Douglas soon arrived at Bluff's Cove. 

Duck was there, taking holidaymakers to the beach. He and the twins watched cheerfully as the children ate ice cream and candy floss as well as built sandcastles, while their parents sunbathed in the sunshine. Then Donald spotted a man in the sea, seemingly standing on top the waves. 

"Oh my! How is he doing that?!" he gasped. 

"Who?" asked Douglas. 

"That man! He's standing on the water!" 

"Hohoho!" chuckled Duck. "He's not standing, he's surfing!" 

"What is soofing?" asked Donald. 

"Surfing is when somebody stands on a special board and they balance on it to ride on the ocean waves near the beach. It's a difficult sport that requires a lot of balance and sense of timing," explained Duck. 

"It looks like fun!" said Donald admiringly. 

"Pity that engines like oos dinnae float!" teased Douglas. 

Donald couldn't stop thinking about the surfer and what it would be like to be able to ride on the waves and slide with the greatest of ease back onto the beach or in his case, the rails. As he daydreamed, he accidentally bumped into the back of Skiff. 

"Ouch! Be careful, Donald!" called Captain Joe. 

"Sorry, sir. Just had a wee bit of a daydream, that's all," explained Donald. 

"Well, apology accepted. Skiff doesn't seem to be damaged. But you need to take care and you and Douglas are to take those empty flatbeds back to the yards." 

"Aye, sir," replied Donald. 

Donald joined up with Douglas. The two engines planned to pull all the flatbeds together, with Donald at the front and Douglas coupled at the back. 

Donald was still looking out at the horizon. He couldn't stop thinking about the surfer and the wonders of surfing. 

"Donnie! What's the hold-up? I'm waiting!" 

"Sorry, Dougie, I'm ready!" 

The two engines pulled easily away, but almost instantly, the arguing began. 

"Ye daydream all day and we'll never get these flatbeds back to the yard!" huffed Douglas. 

"At least I dream. All ye do is huff, puff and chit chat all day long. Nobody wants te hear aboot your leetle chicky friend!" 

"Nor does anyone wanne hear aboot your Dilys Duckie!" 

"I wanne surf!" 

"I wanna be Really Useful!" 

"I wanne you to be quiet!" 

"Lang wheesht! Take that!" 

Then there was trouble! Douglas bashed the flatbeds into Donald so hard that his wheels jumped over a set of points and his tender fell onto its side, then a flatbed ran loose behind him and he fell down the slope and into the sea! 

To make matters worse, the flatbed followed and slid under Donald's wheels. 

For a moment, Donald was excited. 

"I'm soofing!" 

But he wasn't. 

Donald was too heavy for the flatbed. It sunk and took Donald with it. 

Luckily, Donald was only half-submerged under the water. He hadn't floated too far. Douglas was horrified. 

"Och no! Dinnae fash yerself, Donnie! I'll get help!" 

So Douglas rushed to fetch Judy and Jerome before the tide got any higher. 

"Help! Donnie's sunk in the sea at the 'arbour!" 




The workmen boarded the coach and Douglas pulled the breakdown cranes to the rescue. 

As for Donald, he shivered in the water. He couldn't speak because his mouth was underwater. Captain Joe and Skiff were with him, trying to keep his spirits up. But Captain Joe knew that the Fat Controller would have to know about the accident. 

Soon, Douglas arrived with Judy and Jerome. 

"We've got you," said Judy. 

"Then you'll be right as rain!" added Jerome. 

Water splashed from Donald as he was hoisted out of the water...all over Captain Joe. 

"Watch out! It's RAINING on ME!" 

Skiff didn't like too much water either. 

"Oops, sorry, sir!" said Judy meekly. 

Soon, Donald was back on the rails but he was too cold and stiff to move on his own, so a sorry Douglas shunted him and pulled the flatbeds at the same time. 

"I'm sorry, Donnie," he said softly. 

"Me too, Dougie," said Donald, "but I least I dinnae want te go soofing anymore." 

The twins chuckled at that. 

The Fat Controller had stern words for both of them at the Steamworks. 

(Victor and Kevin can be seen watching.) 

"You two have caused confusion and delay! I will not stand for anymore surfing nonsense. Engines can't float and any more arguments between you two and I will make you work separately!" 

"Aye, sir," said the twins. 

Donald and Douglas still argue as all brothers do, but they are much more careful when near the sea...and Donald certainly doesn't dream of being a surfer anymore. 

(They can be seen at Knapford along with Toby, Edward, Gordon and Nia.)

(The End!)

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