Evil like me

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"so a bit of context no interruptions please. Right the chosen vks also known as the core four go to the museum to steel fairy godmother's wand and Mal doubt's that it's the right thing to do" Harley explained quickly
"Why would I doubt myself" Mal asked
"Well you truly know right from wrong you just do what you have to on the Isle to stay alive" Harley answered

Evie: mummy

Jay: killer

Carlos: I will never forget mother's Day again

"You celebrate mother's day" Jane asked
"Yeah any day that celebrates them" Carlos said with all the vks agreeing
"But every day is a day to celebrate them in their eyes" jay said loudly
"Yes your right we are to be celebrated every day" lady Tremaine uttered proudly
All the hero's and aks scored at this conversation that is far from the truth

Mal: Look at you, look at me
I don't know who to be

Is it wrong, is it right?
Be a thief in the night

Tell me what to do

" It's ok to doubt yourself you know that don't you" Ben asked
"Yeah I do it just seen as week if you don't know every detail of what to do and how to do it" Mal replied but only loud enough for the hero's and kids to hear as she didn't want to know what would be said if her mum headed her
"Speak up we can't hear you" Hades spoke in a distant creepy tone

Evie: Mal comon

Maleficent: Ahhhhhh don't be so serious darling

"Ahhhh"screamed aurora and Audrey
"Shhhhh it's only a hallucination" Harley shouted over the screams

I was once like you my child
Slightly insecure
Argued with my mother too
Thought I was mature

But I put my heart aside
And I used my head
Now I think it's time you learned
What dear old momma said

"God a heart and a brain massive improvement" Philip commented surprised

Don't you wanna be evil like me?
Don't you wanna be mean?
Don't you wanna make mischief your daily routine?

Well you can spend your life attending to the poor
But when you're evil doing less is doing more

Don't you wanna be ruthless and rotten and mad?
Don't you wanna be very, very good at being bad?

I have tried my whole life long to do the worst I can
Clawed my way to victory
Built my master plan
Now the time has come my dear for you to take your place
Promise me you will try to be an absolute disgrace

"Really victory, master plan" Mal huffed
"You got that right" Chad said

Don't you wanna be evil like me?
Don't you wanna be cruel?
Don't you wanna be nasty and brutal and cool?

And when you grab that wand that's when your reign begins
Who wants an evil queen without a sack of sins?

Don't you wanna be heartless and hardin' as stone?
Don't you wanna be finger licking' evil to the bone?

This is not for us to ponder
This was preordained
You and I shall rule together
Freedom soon regain
Mistress of the universe, powerful and strong

Daughter, hear me
Help me, join me

Won't you sing along?

"Please say you didn't"Carlos asked

Both: Now we're gonna be evil it's true
Never gonna think twice

Mal: And we're gonna be spiteful

"Wow you've got strong vocals" Cinderella said shocked
"I agree think of the range she could hit " snow white stated excitedly
"I'm right here you could just ask"said Mal
"Why don't we keep watching I positive it will be explored" Lonnie said before she got to intrigued

Maleficent; Yes, spiteful
That's nice

In just an hour or two
Our futures safe and sure

This mother, daughter act is going out on tour

If you wanna be evil and awful and free
Then you should thank your lucky star
That you were born the girl you are
The daughter of an evilicious queen

Like me!
" That's a bit self centered" Uma remarked
"That's just maleficent wait till you spend a hour with the evil queen" jay chuckled while Snow and Evie shuddered

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