author note

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To start I want to mention that all rights to the franchise go to Disney and to the amazing writers and director Kenny Ortega.

The characters involved are;
Mal                     Ben
Evie                    Doug
Jay                     Lonnie
Carlos                Jane
Chad                  Audrey
Uma                   Harry
Gil                      Celia
Dizzy                 Squeaky
Squirmy            Dude
FGM (fairy godmother)
Belle                  beast/Adam
Aurora               Philip
Snow White      Florian
Jasmine            Aladdin 
Mulan                li Shang
Anita                  Roger
Pongo               pedrita
Cinderella         charming
Maleficent        EQ (evil Queen)
Jafar                  cruella de'vil
Hades                Dr Facilier
Mr smee            lady Tremaine
Any others may be added through out

Couples are;

I will start with Descendants 1 and the songs will be in the film order

The charectors are from before D1

Descendants react to all songs Where stories live. Discover now