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"SO HOW WAS EVERYONE'S SUMMER?" the geometry teacher spoke. the first question every teacher asked on the first day of school.

it was first period. 7:52. mike wheeler sat in the corner of the room, blowing curls off of his forehead. max mayfield sat on the opposite side with her feet up on the chair next to her.

"ah, i almost forgot!" the teacher said. "we have two new transfer students. mr wheeler," mike looked up, confused. he wasn't paying attention. "i presume you might recognize these new members of hawkins high? come on in you two!"

a 5'6 boy and a 5'2 girl nervously walked into the classroom. the boy with a bowlcut fiddled with his shirt buttons and the girl with the short brown hair hid herself behind her books.

"everyone, meet will and eleven byers."

the girl looked over at the boy. "el," he spoke. "her name is el."

"el," the teacher nodded. "got it. well, will, how about you take that empty seat right next to mr wheeler over there,"  mike raised his hand to show the new boy where and who he was. "and el, why don't you take a seat next to miss mayfield." max popped her gum and smiled. she admired how effortlessly gorgeous the brunette was. el looked around the room, waiting for someone to say something.

"over here, el!" max called, taking her feet off of the chair and patting it. el shuffled her feet over to the seat next to the ginger, still hiding behind her books.

"i do recognize them," mike said, smiling at the boy. "they were my childhood bestfriends."

el set her things down neatly at her seat and scooted herself in. her legs were so tiny that she couldn't reach the floor, and her white shoelaces untied hung down. the ginger laughed. el looked over quickly. "hey," max spoke. "i'm max." she held out her hand. el quickly took it. "nice to meet you, max."

"it's good to see you guys again," mike spoke, throwing his arm over will, causing him to turn red. "yeah, you too." will threw his own arm around mike.

while the boys had their arms around eachother, the girls still had their hands touching, staring into each others eyes. max's pale face turned the color of a tomato, and el's turned a bright pink.

max knew that this girl was special.

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