How to Spank a man

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        So, you've come to the conclusion that your naughty boyfriend has gotten away with too much lately? I think a good old fashioned spanking is in order. I will describe exactly how a proper spanking should be given (I have much experience being on the receiving end)

       The two key elements of a proper spanking for getting through to a man are pain and humiliation. Men have big egos about themselves sometimes, taking them down a peg or two by humiliating them during a spanking is the cure to get rid of that ego. Pain is straight forward, make his butt so sore he remembers not to misbehave in your presents again.

        The first step to administering a good spanking is a confrontation. Walk up to him and tell him exactly what he has done wrong, lay down the law and explain to him why he will be punished. finally, boldly state that he will be SPANKED (emphasise that word to make sure he really gets it). Then lead him to the room where the spanking will take place.

        Now you will begin the first element of a spanking, humiliation. Order that he strips down completely (this will make him feel vulnerable and small). All clothes should be removed (socks are optional since they really don't cover anything vital to hinder his embarrassment) and put neatly in a pile. After he has stripped nude, make him stand in the corner as you go fetch your spanking implements.

         Spend time deciding what you will use, I say OTK implements are best for assuring pain and humiliation (the OTK position will make your man feel like a child and that is key for humiliation). OTk implements are items like hairbrushes, wooden spoons, spatulas, bathbrushes, rulers, small paddles, and your hand of course. once you choose the spanking implement, go back to the room where the punishment will occur.

        Once back in the room sit down on a chair, couch or edge of the bed and then order him across your lap. when he gets over, stress your disappointment will his actions that got him there say things like "I'm very disappointed in you young man! you know better" ( say things that make him feel small again). Now you are ready to begin inflicting pain onto his sorry bottom.

        Start by spanking him with your hand as a warmup, Just enough to warm his bottom a little. After the warmup is done, pick up your implement and begin the real punishment. Bring the object down onto his cheek hard and then alternate to the other cheek and smack that one just as hard (continue this about 30 times). Don't forget to scold him on what he did wrong as you spank EX: "I hope I'm getting through to you little boy, I don't wanna have to spank your bottom again". Now spank his sit spots (part of the butt right above the thigh) alternating each cheek and continuing to spank hard ( continue this about 30 times) now repeat the steps until you have a blubbering mess of a man across your knees. Once he's crying and his butt is turned red, you've done a good job. 

        Aftercare is very important, let him know you still love him and give him a tight hug and a kiss. Then send him back to the corner still fully nude so he can think about what hes done.

       Hopefully this explains how to give the perfect spanking. Although this is all opinion and coming from my experiance I still stand by this as the best way to spank your naughty man. Belive me he will thank you for it.

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