Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine:

Daniela’s POV:

The rest of the day went by like a speeding bullet being blown from a fully loaded pistol. The teachers were giving a lot of homework now since it was about a week into the school year. I didn’t mind one bit, it just helped me even further.

I gathered my things together and headed outside to go home. I had to walk through the park to get there, which is kind of fun in my opinion. Get too see some furry animals, watch people talk, some are reading; it’s just… peaceful to me.

Although, today however, was majorly different. Shouting and screams filled the air this time, which sent chills through my body. I picked up my pace some, wanting to know what in the world was going on.

When I saw what was happening, my eyes went wide in angry and shock. Why on earth were they fighting?! There’s no reason to fight.

I dropped my things and went to break up the fight.

I got in between Levent and some idiot, pressing my one hand on each of their chests to keep them apart.

“Alright, now look here you two. And you all who are casually walking away, get back over here!” I yelled to the rest of whatshisface’s ‘gang.’ They turned and walked back over.

“Get out of the way Dani,” Levent glared at the idiot. I then glared at him for the second time today.

“No, now you can stop trying to push me out of the way. I may look fragile, but I surely can stand my ground,” I said, planting my feet firmly on the ground.

“And as for you, you big idiot, you can walk away with your gang and tell them to go nurse you back to health,” I turned my attention to the other dude. He glared down at me, probably because I called him an idiot. Well hey; don’t get me wrong, he deserved it.

He started backing up into his ‘gang’.

“See ya later wimp!” Levent yelled since he was retreating.

I then turned to glare at Levent. The idiot came back at him. I turned and stared at him.

“You, leave, now. No questions, ifs, ands, or buts. Get out of here,” I snapped at him.

He cowered back some, unaware of how mean I could get sometimes. Not all ‘geeks’ are nice, ya know.

He said nothing and turned around. He walked back to his puppets.

I turned to look at Levent. My glare disappeared when I saw his face.

“I suggest you go put some ice on your eye. Oh, and you might want to take out your lip ring until your lip heals,” I said. He just chuckled.

“Why are you laughing at something like this?” I wondered, my eyes brows coming together in confusion.

“Just amused by the fact that you made them leave,” He chuckled again, making me smile. He then proceeded to take his lip ring off and slip it into his pocket.

“Now you need ice. Also, tell me why on earth would something posses you to pick a fight with them?” My face turned serious.

“My motto: The only way to keep bullies away is to keep them scared,” He stated, making me scowl at him.

“Violence solves nothing, Levent, and don’t you dare think it does, because it doesn’t,” I said to him in a hard tone of voice.

“I do think that, so what are you going to do about it?” He smirked at me. I glared back at him again.

“Then I’m done trying to help someone not get expelled from school, go do whatever you want.” I snapped at him and turned on my heel.

I got my backpack and jogged home so he couldn’t follow me or anything. I was done trying to help him. If he wanted to get beat up, he could be my guest.

I unlocked the house door and walked in, locking it shut again. I walked up to my room and threw my back pack on the bed. I took some more casual clothes from my closet, an orange tank top and blue shorts, and changed into them.

I immediately felt more comfortable.

I then got ready to do my homework and maybe watch a movie for once in my life. I normally wouldn’t watch any movies, but I needed to get my mind off things for a change.

A couple hours had past and my homework was finished. I then popped in a movie and laid on my bed to watch it. That was when I heard a big commotion coming from outside, and then an egg splattered on my bedroom window. I gasped and ran downstairs. I opened the front door, only to have to duck from an egg flying at me.

“What is your problem!?” I yelled at the people who were throwing the eggs.

“You! You’re our problem!” Someone shouted, making the rest of them laugh.

I ducked from another egg and watched it fly through the house and land on a plate. It broke the plate, making me furious.

I walked out of the house, only to see Levent do the same, but he took off after them, tackling one to the ground. Jesus.

Another fight broke out in the road, and guess who had to break it up again? Yeah. Me.

I did the same thing I did last time. I glared at both of them with a scowl on my face.

“This is starting to annoy me you two. I’m the one who always has to break ya’ll up and it’s just stupid!” I said to them both.

Levent was the first one to walk away this time.

“Now who’s the big wimp, Emo boy!?” The idiot called after Levent.

Something just took over me. I did something I would never thought of doing.

I recoiled my arm back and punched the guy right on his nose, sending him onto the ground, cowering in pain. I watched the idiot’s posse help him up and then run away.

I heard footsteps behind me. Levent’s.

“I thought you said violence was never the answer?” He quoted me with a smirk planted on his face.

“I didn’t think what he called you was right. So, I gave him a piece of my mind,” I stated simply.

“Interesting,” He looked up at the sky some as rain drops began to fall.

I then remembered I was mad at him and stomped off back into my house. I just left him there, standing in the rain.

I restarted my movie and fell asleep halfway during it.

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