Chapter 59

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Okay, so I'm a major 5sos fan. And when I say major, i mean major.

They just released a new song called 'TEETH' and I cannot get enough of it!!!

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"Oh my gosh." Hailey said and walked over to Lance. "Another girl! Congratulations!"

"You named her after your sister?" Rosa said shocked.

Lance nodded. "We really liked the name. And well Sofia was just a bundle of joy."

Everyone gathered around Sofia who gladly opened her eyes and let out a yawn.

"She has his eyes." Shiro chuckled.

"Looks like I'm doing house chores for a day." Lance laughed.

"Keith is awake." Krolia said walking into the room, without Georgia this time.

"Where's Georgy?" Lance asked.

"With Keith." Krolia answered.

"Do you have the..." Lance said

"Right here." Krolia smiled and handed over a small box.

Lance took the box, thanked Krolia and left the room, to go into Keith's.

"Hey." Keith said. "Is that her?"

Lance nodded. "Sofia Elizabeth McClain." He said handing her over to him.

"Holy shit." Keith whispered running a hand through his daughters hair. "She has your hair! And my eyes."

Lance chucked. "She does."

"Da!" Georgia giggled reaching up for him.

"Hey Gorgeous." Lance smiled and lifted her up. "Say hi to Sofia."

Georgia looked down at her sister and waved.

Lance took a seat on the bed next to Keith. "Good job babe. You were strong today."

Keith rested his head on Lance's shoulder. "She's finally here."

The room was silent for a few minutes before Lance spoke up.

"Marry Me."

Keith lifted his head off Lance's shoulder and looked at him dead in the eyes. "What?"

"Marry Me." Lance repeated and set Georgia on the bed before getting down on one knee. "Keith we've been through hell and back. We completed high school together, we survived Lotor and his attacks. We want through everything together. And now, we have 2 gorgeous daughters and house together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and the girls. So what do you say Keith? Will you marry me?"

Keith nodded over and over again. "Yes."

Claps could be heard from the front of the room as Lance and Keith shared a kiss.

"Your dreams coming true Keith." Krolia smiled and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm so proud of you. Your father would be too."

"Oh and one more thing." Lance said. "I got a job offer from Ryan. I'm now working as a police officer."

"Babe that's great!" Keith cried.

"Well if we're making announcements." Pidge said. "I am now in a relationship."

Everyones heads snapped over to Pidge.

"Are you serious?" Matt asked.

Pidge nodded. "Her name is Max. I bumped into her at a grocery store. We went on a couple of dates and then she asked me out."

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