Chapter 8: U.A Sports festival

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"Dad I'll be going now" I said and grabbed my bag putting it over my shoulders.
"You sure you don't wanna come?" I asked just before I leave the house.
My dad always get invitations from events like the U.A festival, since he used to go to that school, but my dad chooses to ignore those invitations about his work from the past and try to live a normal life away from the blinding and absurd questions from the press.
"No, but remember I'll be watching and cheering you on. Do your best Y/n" my dad said and a smile plaster on his face.

Today is the U.A Sports Festival, every first year classes are in the arena.
I examine the stadium and I was dazed to see how huge it was, there were thousands of people.
It made me anxious, not to mention we're live on T.V, but I won't let this stop me from doing my best.

Bakugo was called up to represent the students for all departments.
"I pledge to be #1" he dryly said, and the crowd of students booed in strong aversion towards him. But Bakugo didn't care about those kind of things as long as he rise to the top. That's a good trait, if he wasn't so damn rude.

I oughta beat some sense to him, I swear.

Present Mic and Aizawa sensei started to give the opening words and later on instructed us about the first event.

And the first event is The Perilous obstacle race around the stadium.
With my quirk this should be easy, for I can just teleport... but I simply can't.
I've never been to the stadium, nor familiarized the race track, and I don't know where exactly the finish line is. In order to teleport I have to know exactly where, taking some time to perceive the locations.
I guess I just have to face this head on.

READYYYYYY START!!!!! yelled Present mic from the intercom.

I was too busy spacing out and found myself in the crowd of students trying to head out of the podium.
My small feeble body was dragged back and forth, taking some hits from sudden movements of other students.

Dammit, I can't see my way.. if only I could get a glimpse of the track, I could teleport out of this wild crowd.
I was slowly drowning in pile of students but the thought of my classmates possibly out there ahead of me gave me a sudden impulse and adrenaline rush within me. I
I have to get going.
I put all my strength on my feet, launching my self up, and the moment I got a glimpse of the race track, I absorbed the image deep in my head and I teleported there leaving the crowd.

I started running further away from the other students, to be only confronted by some villain robots.
One of the robot tried to land a hit on me but I managed to dodge and successfully got a grasp of the robot.
I teleported it behind me to block any other students from catching up to me.. I know that's kinda mean but I have to do it!

I didn't caused it any damages to the point of immobility so it should take some time for other students to take it down, leaving me more time to catch up with the people ahead, and less worry about people catching up to me.

I continued to run away, I don't see Bakugo or Todoroki, they must be far ahead from me but I know I'm not that behind from everyone.
Once I see a straight path way, I quickly teleported to where I could see the furthest, and when I have to face with a robot I just quickly juke my way out and teleporting them far behind me.

I kept running without looking back until I see the second stage of the race.

So ....I just have to cross this obstacle, lucky for me I could see the other end of the fall, so I had no trouble knowing where exactly I need to teleport.

Once I successfully teleported out of the fall, I continued to sprint and in front of me was a figure as I got closer.
I saw Bakugo firing up his quirk trying to catch up to Todoroki.

I looked at the ground and saw some traps.
I know that these are Land mines that go off when I step on them, they're not that powerful but I still have to be careful.
I couldn't see the end of the obstacle because of Bakugo's explosion releasing smoke and the pink mist of the land mines that had already gone off making it impossible to see the way ahead of me.
I have to be careful, once the path cleared up a bit I quickly teleported mid way into the obstacle.

I moved a stepped back, trying to shield my self from the force coming from Bakugo's explosions, but that little step led into something bad.

My heart dropped after hearing the sound of the land mine setting off.

The land mine went off throwing me 20 feet in the air and the collision spread even to the ground setting more land mines.
"KYAA!" I yelped because of the sudden pressure on my back pushing me further up.
My helpless scream was loud enough to get Bakugo's attention.
at this point, I can't teleport my way out of it, three to five seconds is not fast enough before I hit the mud pile.
I closed my eyes, waiting for my frail body to hit the ground.


As I wait for my fall, I felt someone caught my back.
"You're fucking clumsy"
I opened my eyes in shock and saw myself being bridaly carried by Bakugo, I quickly grabbed on to his neck as he blasted his quirk launching us forward with incredible speed.
Next thing I know we're behind Todoroki and....Midoriya?......

MIDORIYA?! Since when!

Still holding on to Bakugo I looked straight ahead searching for the finish line, once I got the glimpse of It, I teleported there along with Bakugo.

But it was too late.
Bakugo set foot on the finish line, making him come in third place, he put me down and I set my feet on the ground making me come in fourth place

Midoriya and Todoroki got here before us.
Guilt filled my chest.
I know how much Bakugo wanted to win, but if I hadn't been so clumsy, he wouldn't need to go out his way and save me.
Maybe he would've won first place.
To be continued..........

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