Chapter 10

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"The sand may brush off, the salt may wash away but the memories will last forever." 

After quickly running a brush through my hair and putting on a little mascara I open my wardrobe to find something to is appropriate to wear; it's not a fancy dinner or anything so something casual should work. I pull out a white, floating summer dress with crochet detailed top that hits about mid-thigh, and a black Bardot top with decorative buttons down the middle, pairing it with some white jeans; laying both outfits on my bed. While debating this I casually cast my eyes over to the balcony doors where I can see into Jonah's room. I can see he is already dressed in blue acid wash jeans and a black polo shirt. I can't help admiring how well the polo shirt fits his lean frame. Seeing he has dressed up slightly I go with the white summer dress, remembering to close the curtains to my balcony before I change. 

Leaving my room, now dressed in my white dress, hair down with two small strands pulled back from my face, white sandals in my hand I run into Logan. 

"Wow, you're all dressed up, where are you off to?" Logan enquires, he's just leaving his room, a strong smell of aftershave surrounding him. 

"I could say the same to you!" He's dressed in black jeans, with a white button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a complete 180 from the usual scruffy jeans and faded t-shirts that I'm used to seeing him in. 

"I've got a date with that nurse, I'm telling you Jord, I've got a good feeling about this one. Your turn,"

"Jonah and I are going to Ivan's for dinner. You've always got a good feeling about your dates!" It's true, he tells me before every date that he's got 'a good feeling' about whoever he is going out with that night. People often think of my brother as the heartbreaker but that's only because of how much he's had his heartbroken.

 "I gotta go, they're probably waiting." I hug my big brother before slipping on my sandals and rushing out the front door. 

Sure enough, Ivan and Jonah are sat on my garden wall, looking deep in conversation until Ivan spots me and leaps up, arms and legs flying in all directions. "Finally, can we go nooow?" He whines, throwing his head back in what looks like despair. 

"Sorry, I ran into Logan, he's got a date tonight. Anyway, I didn't take that long." I roll my eyes and, feeling his eyes on me, I turn to Jonah, "You ready to go? Have you heard any more about Mina?" 

"Yeah, she's fine, asking when you're going to tell her bedtime stories again." He chuckles, standing up from the wall, much happier and more relaxed than when I found him in the hospital corridor this morning. 

"Let's go!" Ivan literally runs along in front of as, Jonah and I walking together, following his path of destruction.

"You look really pretty," Jonah compliments me shyly, quickly glancing at me before looking to the ground.

"Thanks," I blush, "You don't look so bad yourself," I answered quietly, looking at his face to gauge his reaction; he looks back at me, casually taking hold of my hand, smiling softly. 

We spend the walk in comfortable silence, Ivan having slowed so he was just a couple of paces in front of us, unaware of my racing heart caused by Jonah's surprisingly soft hand in mine. 

Ivan leads us down some quiet back streets until we arrive at a little blue cottage, about two streets away from the paths leading down to the beach. The cottage is pretty, with wooden window boxes full of flowers, and an arch of roses over the path that leads through the well-tended garden to the front door that was decorated with nautical carvings. It looked like a cottage straight from a fairytale. 

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