Part 33

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Who's your bias? 😉❤️_________________________________

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Who's your bias? 😉❤️

Now, now, now...

I should probably tell Nick the party is on Thursday, at Five o'clock, in (place name).

After I did that, I had a very deep thought.

My father has noticed me working at Ewin's Box as the boss for a week now and old pops has probably told him after his visits with me. But...

Something is bothering me...

I check the date.

For some damn ass reason, it involves with the years and dates.'s the year 22XX, it's November 20th...

My heart started to beat harder and harder. My breathing becomes hard and my eyes become unsettled.

"No...way..." I muttered in a low voice with a hint of shock.

Is this the same world where I died..!!!!

But, I thought I reincarnated into a book or a novel or something...

I let out a breath and my hand grabbed my hair, gently.

"What kind of bullshit is this...?"

———————Riya's POV——————

After curling my beautiful red hair and painting my long nails, I go out of the room to go visit someone. I was at the door when I heard a pair of shoes, colliding on the floor.

I look over to see Eve.

My heart burns in anger and my mind went back to that day.

This bitch. I'll show you who's the boss here.

I walk over towards her and stopped her.

I smirked and looked at her as if she was a bug.

"You know, I'm going on a date with Zen, so don't be so full of yourself—"

"Um, excuse me but..."

She lifts up her head and there, I saw red eyes and a dark look on her face. My spine shivered.

"Can you get out of my way?"

Her deep and different voice echoed into my mind and my mouth couldn't even move at all to reject her.

My shaky legs moved with one step. this???

Wait! Why am I listening to her! She's just a bitch!

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