'Popsicles' .•°•. 'cuddles'

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Darryl went to buy some drinks, And Zak talked with Zelkam and Spifey.

"Hey Spifey?" Zak asked.
"Yeah?" Spifey replied with, looking at Zak, and then he leaned on Zelkam's shoulder.
"Nevermind." He said, and did one of his evil faces.
Darryl already returned with the drinks and walked over to Zak and gave one of them to Zak.
Zak took the drink and took a sip, and Darryl then looked at Spifey and Zelkam.
"You two seem to be enjoying yourselves." He said.
"I guess." Zelkam said, he wasn't able to move.
Spifey then took his head off of Zelkam's shoulder, because he wanted something.
"I want food" he said to Zelkam.
"Okay, okay, we can get some popsicles." Zelkam replied.
"And we're gonna go as well!" Zak said.
"And Vincent and Dream are gonna come as-" Zak was about to say, then he looked around.
"Speaking of them, where are they?" Darryl asked.

Then Vincent and dream walked over to them.
"Hey, we're back." Vincent said.

Dream was right next to him, licking a pink-red popsicle with the Shape of a heart, and Vincent had a chocolate one.
"Seems like they were quicker than us, don't you think?" Zak said, then he turned to where Zelkam and Spifey were, but they weren't there.
"I'm guessing we're the last ones." Darryl said.

They all got popsicles and went back.

When Vincent was about to bite off a bit from his popsicle, Dream out of nowhere did it for him.
Then he pretended he didn't do anything, smiled, and continued licking his popsicle.

Then Vincent thought he'd return it.

He stared at his popsicle to get his attention, he managed that, but Dream was a step before him.
He knew what he was trying to do.
So when Vincent tried to bite it, he turned so he bit his shoulder instead.

Vincent realised what happened and immediately stopped.
"You're not biting MY Popsicle!" Dream said.

"He can suck on your popsicle doe, right?" Zak said, keeping a straight face.
On the other hand, Zelkam started choking on the popsicle because of that.

Darryl started laughing, Spifey as well, very, very hard.

"Is this some [dirty] English joke I'm too [innocent] French to understand?" Vincent said.
They both just ignored it.
Meanwhile Darryl and Spifey continued laughing their asses off.

And Zelkam continued choking.

Darryl and Spifey stopped laughing, Spifey realised Zelkam was choking and tried to help but Zelkam already stopped choking because the popsicle already melted.
Dream and Vincent didn't get what Zak was pointing to, or what he was trying to say. [Just tryna make them very innocent lmao-]

They all finished eating their popsicles, and then Vincent remembered something, because when he looked at Zak, He was looking at Darryl again, and he looked like he was about to drool any second.

Vincent turned to Zelkam and Spifey.
"Hey Zelkam?" He asked.
"Yeah?" Zelkam replied.
"Where are y'all staying at the moment?" Vincent asked, before he'll ask what we wants to ask.
"A hotel nearby, why?" Zelkam said back.
"Can I stay with you guys? I think I wouldn't be able to sleep with Zak and Darryl tonight" Vincent explained.
"And why is that?" Dream asked.
Vincent then pointed to Darryl and Zak, who was getting a bit too close to Darryl.
"Oh, I get it, yeah, sure."

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