Chapter 2

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Taken by the Biker:

I forgot to mention in the first chapter that this story is set before cell phones became popular, so that's why you won't read of them using any.

I forgot to mention in the first chapter that this story is set before cell phones became popular, so that's why you won't read of them using any

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As they rode out of town Diego couldn't stop thinking about her, it was her eyes that really got to him. She had the prettiest green eyes he had ever seen but there was so much fear and sadness in them. When they got to their campsite he went and sat down by the river, trying to figure out his feelings for a woman he didn't even know. Something told him he had to go back and check on her. He heard the crunching of footsteps on the ground and looking up saw his best friend Freddie approaching.

Freddie, who was a heavyset man with a long beard and had one lazy eye sat down next to him. "So you're still thinking about that little waitress, aren't you?"

"There's something about her, but I'm not sure what it is. I do think that creep that showed up has been abusing her. She had this look of terror on her face when he walked in, and then he whispered something in her ear before he left."

"She's not your problem and you'll only be asking for trouble if you get involved."

"I can't just walk away," he said, getting up. "I think I'll go back into town, see if she's OK. I shouldn't be gone too long, start the BBQ without me." Going over to his bike he hopped on and took off. 

Meanwhile back at the diner:  The lunch hour rush was over and Destiny was feeling tired and her feet were starting to hurt, she was in desperate need of new shoes but Ed said she didn't need them and wouldn't give her any money to buy a pair. She was called over by Carl and was told Ed was on the phone, wanting to speak to her.

After hanging up he went over, placing his hand on her shoulder. "What did that bastard want now?" he growled, his disgust for the man was heard in the tone of his voice.

"He and his brothers are going out of town, so they won't be back until tomorrow."

"Good, now why don't you take the rest of the day off and get some much-needed rest. I'll call one of the other girls to cover the rest of your shift."

"Oh my God, are you sure?" she asked, tearing up from his kindness."

"Yes, now go on," he answered, patting her shoulder.

Grabbing her purse she leaves the diner, feeling some relief knowing Ed wasn't coming home tonight. Her feet were killing her and every step she took caused her pain, making her two-mile walk so much slower. With him being away this would have been the perfect opportunity to take the small amount of money she had hidden and hop a bus out of town. Except he had spies everywhere who would see her and she would have been dragged back home. The blood in her veins froze when she heard the loud sounds of a motorcycle coming from behind her, no one ever came down this road. She turned around just as the bike and the rider pulled up beside her and she saw it was the guy from the diner, Diego.

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