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So this is like the blurb for the rest of the story :) comment and vote if anyones reading! Thanks!

Ok. I'm not the best looking. My grades are slightly higher than average. I'm socially awkward around EVERYONE and my life is ransacked off being anywhere out of the ordinary. (Except for vacation. That always beats other people's out of the water.) So how is it that I, Clumsy, naive, gullible Daryl, managed to get myself into the BIGGEST love triangle/dodecahedron that there ever was? The answer: Apparently by being myself.

13 year old Daryl has gotten herself into a HUGE mess. Conroy, a boy she used to like, but gave up on as a lost cause, is showing signs of interest, when she doesn't want ANYTHING to do with him. But apparently, trying to move on from heartbreak isn't stopping her accursed vital organ from getting in the way. Meanwhile, back in the calmness of theatre (not) everyone except herself seems to be sensing a connection between herself and Sebastian, a funny, outgoing boy two years older than herself, and to add a twist, an old friend of Conroy. Amidst all this confusion, there is a (very) old friend of Daryl's shown up again, straight out of kindergarten. He too wants a go at Daryl's affections, but being a cocky know-it-all certainly doesn't help. But then again, I guess that's Hugo for you. Oh, and that guy who's a jock/brain/nice/popular/all right looking? Yeah. He likes her too. And told her. Stupid male hormones. And who can forget Isaac, the guy who (according to gossip) is also taken for this charming(?) girl. So, how is this drama going to end? Chaos probably. Because just when this whole thing seems unbelievable enough, turns out this whole thing is based on a true story. Go figure. 

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