Chapter 16 .

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Jeanylice .

The furthest Chris and I could go was kissing, and touching. If we wanted to have sex I would have to be dead and I know he wasn't about to kill me.

"Jeany, I gotta tell you something." He said.

"What is it?"

"I'm getting weak, and the spirits are getting stronger- you ain't safe here shawty."

"What do you mean?" The chills up my spine vibrated my insides, I was scared.

"I'm not supposed to be here Jeany, I need to go home."


"The place I was murdered in, you know. If I'm away from there for long periods of time, I get weaker and weaker- and that's what's been happening."

"Does this mean I won't see you anymore?" I couldn't imagine my life without Chris, he keeps me sane, he motivates me to keep going.

"Unless... You come with me."

"And how will I do that? This place is like a god damn prison and even if I do manage to leave, what do I look like going back to the place where my mother was killed? Plus, Felix could be there right now waiting to slit my throat."

"You really think I'd let that happen?"

"You let my mother get killed."

A string of silence hit the room, the crickets outside making the only sound.

"I didn't let anything happen to her!" He snapped, "and since when did you start giving a fuck? You called your own mother by her first name." He then started pacing around the room, making me nervous. "You know Jeanylice, you are one ungrateful ass girl you know that? You talk about killing yourself but my life got snatched away from me in just the blink of an eye. Man, I shoulda just let Felix cut your ass up into pieces, maybe that woulda put you out of your misery." He disappeared, giving me a chance to absorb everything he had just said to me. I couldn't even be mad though, he was right .


When the clock hit 2 AM, I pulled my suitcase out from underneath my bed. I know Chris is upset with me right now, but I'm gonna leave anyway. I looked out the window and examined the 30 foot drop that made me rethink my whole escaping process- I was on the 3rd floor. It didn't look that high up from the outside though. I sighed and shut the window feeling defeated.

I whispered : "Guess I ain't going nowhere."

"Yeah you are, hurry up and pack your shit." Chris demanded as he appeared in front of the window, "we don't have much time, that lady keep tossing and turning and those hoes is fucking them niggas in the other room, it's just a matter of time before she hear the headboard bangin' on the wall, come on." He grabbed my arm and led me down the stairs quickly, but quietly.

"I thought you were mad at me?" I whispered as we hurried through the living room.

"I am- I still love you though."

Once we made it outside, we ran as far away from the house as we could and stopped once I was out of breath.

"I got a question." I announced.


"How are we getting there?"

"That's a good question." He laughed, "see usually a nigga just be appearing places, but since you alive and all..."

"Chris, I'm serious."

"Relax shawty I got this. Which car?" He pointed to the many cars that were parked in their driveways.

"I don't know how to drive."

"But I do."

"How crazy would that look? The car operating by itself and nobody in the damn seat."

"Who gives a fuck, you need to live a little- let's go." He grabbed my arm and dragged me into the driveway that had the red Toyota sitting there. I stood there cautiously as I watched him hotwire the car and break the window.

"You didn't s-"

"Get in!" He cut me off, "they turned the porch light on!"

"You gonna get me locked up one of these days, I swear." I rushed into the car as I watched Chris get ready to pull off.

"I suggest you put that seatbelt on, it's been a while."

I buckled up and braced myself, a ghost driving a car- how does that sound?

Damn Chris snapped on her ass ...

Don't really have much to say though ..

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