The Girl in the Tower Chap 15

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Chapter Fifteen: The Anger & the Eloquence


"Why does he have to be here?" Harry eyed Malfoy from across the room. "I still don't understand."

Sara glanced at Malfoy, in the parlor sitting with Snape and drinking a glass of eggnog spiked with some of Seamus' finest. He was dressed all in black, looked depressed, and drank more than he talked. Occasionally he glanced in Sara's direction and had turned his eyes from Harry's several times. Brittany, the little third year, as well as Neville had recently gone to bed and Dumbledore had also retired for the night. Now it was just the three of them and Snape, who seemed to be keeping up with Draco when it came to eggnog. "Harry, I didn't think you of all people would want someone who had recently lost their parents to spend Christmas Eve alone in the dungeons."

"I don't want that, even for Malfoy, I just don't understand why it had to be with us." He cracked a smile and she laughed a little.

"I think you need more eggnog. What is that, your second in three hours?"

"My first. I just don't feel like it, I guess. Hey, I almost forgot!" He went to the closet and rummaged in his backpack, then returned with a gift for her.

"But we have to wait for morning!"

"This is an extra. An afterthought I suppose."

She unwrapped it and laughed. "I knew you already had Ron's present, Harry you liar! But I'm glad you lied. I really wanted this but can't be buying stuff for myself on Christmas Eve. I love you, Harry, you're too good to me."

"Your whole face lit up when you saw it." Harry said and smiled when she hugged him.

"Did you get Malfoy a present?" She cautiously ventured.

Harry turned red with anger. "Yes."

"He got you something, too." Sara tried to smile, but understood how awkward this situation must be for Harry, and Draco as well. She grew quiet for a moment, studying the floor, and when she finally looked at him again her face was distraught. "I'm not in love with him, Harry."

Harry smiled, amused. "I know that."

Her shoulders relaxed and she smiled a little.

"Come on." he said and put a leading arm around her shoulders, "let's get ready for bed."

Malfoy approached when he saw they were about to leave the room and the serpent armband suddenly came to life in Sara's hands and struck out at Draco, baring it's gold fangs, and Malfoy leapt back.

"What the hell!" He yelled, surprised.

Harry grinned, "Oh, I forgot, I put a charm on it as well."

Sara laughed, but Draco only smiled coolly. "You know, Potter, I do remember everything. Payback's a bitch."

"What's with you and muggle cliché’s?" Harry smirked.

"I do read, you know, Potter. Maybe you should try it sometime you might learn something."

Sara quickly interjected before they could get on a roll. "We were just getting our PJ's on. Maybe you should do the same. It's getting late."

"Ok." Malfoy smiled at her, "But I was wondering if I could talk to you for just a minute. In private." He gave Harry an annoyed glance.

Sara's face darkened. "Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

Draco said nothing, just looked uncomfortable. Sara sighed, slightly annoyed, and turned to Harry. "Do you mind?" She asked, "I'll just be a minute."

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