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Tyler couldn't sleep.

It was rare when he wasn't able to switch his brain off and fall into a dream state as soon as he fell into bed.

That blonde boy kept him up. He wasn't sure if it was just the fact that they liked the same things that made him so interesting; or something more. He kept replaying his every feature in his head, and it lasted all night.


T woke up groggy, getting next to no sleep. He got up anyway, immediately realizing he had an annoying headache.

He got ready to get to the Golf store to make sure the new items were up and displayed just the way he wanted them.


Tyler talked to some of the people in the store before Taco, Jasper, and Lionel showed up a couple minutes later, quickly noticing his mood change.

"Damn, woke up on the wrong side nigga?" Lionel joked.

"Kinda. I didn't sleep."

"Party went crazy huh? I told you it'd be fun," Taco smiled.

"Nah. Nigga next time don't do that. It would've been fine if it was just us," Tyler fixed his bucket hat as he leaned on the wall.

Just then, he walked in, a blonde girl walking behind him.

Tyler eyed Wyatt, biting his lip as he looked around, immediately their eyes met.

"New items look sick," Wyatt came over, greeting them.

"Thank you. This collection is crazy," Tyler smiled.

They all noticed his sudden change of mood. He was much more exuberant.

"Why is this store so stingy? It's like you can't do anything in here," The girl said as she came around.

"What do you mean?" Taco asked.

"I took the shirt off the stand to look at it and security freaked out. You know people aren't gonna buy shit if they can't even look through it," she sighed, immediately her phone started ringing and she moved back to answer it.

Tyler was expressionless, but inside he felt furious. Who the fuck was she to tell him how to run a store?

"The fuck is her problem?" Tyler scrunched his eyebrows.

"She was just giving you advice–,"

"On how to run my store? The fuck?"

"Whatever, she's tripping," Lionel tried to change the subject.

"So we were thinking of going biking later, you down?" Jasper asked Wyatt.

Tyler bit his bottom lip as he examined him.

"Uh," Wyatt turned around and signaled to the girl, who was still on the phone, "I promised her i'd go to her friend's birthday, so, yeah."

They looked at Wyatt understandingly. But not Tyler. He kept his eyes on her, wondering who she was. He didn't want to press him, but he was irritated Wyatt wouldn't be around today. She gave him a bad impression.

"You sure?" Tyler asked again.

"I can't. I can come over later though?" Wyatt bit the inside of his cheek.

T's eyes lightened up as he nodded, making sure he seemed cool and collected.

"Yeah, just text me."

"Cool, I'll see you guys later."

He turned and put his arm around the girl as they walked out the store.

"Y'all seen her around?" Tyler prodded.

"Nah, probably new in town or something. Y'all wanna go get ice cream?" Lionel asked, no one seemed to care.

He didn't like her hanging around Wyatt. She seemed snobby.

They stayed around the store for another hour before they spent the rest of the day biking around the city, finally making their way back to T's. The sun was already setting.

His phone buzzed.

i'm on my way

He smiled to himself.


"I can't believe you like that shit," Tyler laughed, watching Wyatt eat the rest of the mint flavored oreos.

T pointed the camera at him, getting on instagram live to show what an abomination he thought it was.

"Didn't you just eat a pint of mint ice-cream?" Wyatt asked.

"Nigga I love mint. But them oreos? That's sus," he grinned, zooming in on him.

"Both of y'all sus, anything mint is nasty," Taco jumped on the couch.

Tyler threw more comebacks at whoever tried to question is tastes.

"Aight, I'm getting off this. Bye."

He turned off his phone, sitting on one of the beanbags beside Wyatt.


"You sure you don't wanna come? we can drop you off," Lionel asked Wyatt.

"Nah, I'm gonna go hang out at Morgan's tonight. I'm waiting on her to call," Wyatt lounged back on the couch.

"That girl from this morning?" Taco asked.

He nodded.

"Oh shit, bet. See y'all later then," they shut the door behind them.

It was only Wyatt and T.

"So who is she?" T questioned as soon as he had the chance.

"Morgan? A friend. She's cool," he kept his eyes on his phone.

Tyler chewed on his bottom lip, wanting to find out more.

"The sunset was sick as fuck today. You should've been there."

"It always is."

"I guess. Where'd you meet her?"

Wyatt straightened himself out on the couch.

"Why do you keep pressing me on her? I feel like I'm being interrogated," he lightly smiled in a joking manner.

"I just don't like her."

Wyatt scrunched his eyebrows.


"She was being a bitch at my store, she's rude as fuck—,"

"You don't even know her," Wyatt got up, annoyed.

"I know enough that I already don't like her."

"I wouldn't talk shit about your friends so why the fuck would you talk shit about mine?"

Wyatt began making his way out.

"Don't leave, look, I'm sorry. I'm—that was out of place."

"Whatever. I gotta go anyway."

"Wyatt, it's my fault."

He stayed silent.

"You're not gonna say anything?"

"There's nothing to say. Just don't get in between me and my friends."

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