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His heart painfully clenched when her expression changed, the feeling of helplessness evident, her heart was broken and fire like agony flowing in her veins.

She seemed lost, her eyes glistened with unshed tears....she didn't let them fall....his eyes reflected unquestionable and undisputed affection.

The wolves watched the two incredulously as it dawned on them who Persephone's mate was. Elders predicted their future....a very painful torturous life.

Persephone wanted to curl up in a ball and cry her heart out, all these time pretending to be happy has drained her energy, she didn't knew what she wanted in her life was all dark for her.

Still dealing with betrayal her heart was in turmoil, how can she give her heart to another mate when her previous had already broken it beyond repair.

She looked at her mate and all she could see was his chivalry, she couldn't bring him down with her.

His eyes fell to her exposed shoulder, a deep crimson painting it as the wound lied there untreated they darkened to pitch black. "CERBERUS!" His voice made the werewolves shiver involuntary with fear.

Adrian's eyes widened when he realized what that word meant....they were going to be tortured.

"Come with me Persephone." he whispered softly, her name flowing like butter on his tongue, making her heart flutter.

He stood in front of her, his masculine rough frame seemed to tower her small one.

Before she could splutter some excuses black smoke engulfed them, her eyes widened as she took a step back but soon a warm hand wrapped around her own, picking her up in bridal style as she let out a surprised screech.

The tingling and Sparks couldn't be ignored, they were igniting her soul.

Seconds passed so the smoke. And as it parted, a majestic room came into her view but she wasn't concerned about any of them right now.

"HOW DARE YOU?" Hades winced at that
without stopping his advances towards the luxurious bathroom.

"You are hurt Persephone." He gently pressed his fingers on her shoulder  retrieving her pain, a bleeding wound appearing on his own hand.

She looked at him with surprise and concern forgetting all about where they were.

"Let me look at that, your arm is bleeding." She took his arm relaxing in his hold.

"It will heal little rose." Little rose? Did he just....she took a sharp intake of breath...she cannot love it...but she already did.

He bent down their lips a centimeter apart. His gaze locked with her as she looked down at his lips...those luscious petals of sin.

She came out of the haze realising he lowered her into the bathtub. She didn't flinched from him....Trust- she already trusted him with her life...this was soon...too soon, they just met and if that wasn't enough to make her fear spike.

"The water with heal your wounds Persephone, your clothes would be outside your door."

"Wait....What about your hand?" She hastily spoke.

"It will heal my goddess, now don't worry, you need rest." He turned around starting to leave again.

"Wait! Who are you?" Her voice came out strong despite her erratic breathing.

"You can call me Hades my Queen." He watched her intensely, taking a deep breath he smiled at her confused expression, turning and leaving, the door locked.

Her heart rate increased...Hades? As in King Hades...the almighty God of Underworld himself? Where was she? Was this Underworld?

Her breath hitched, so that was the reason he was so sinfully should be a felony to look that.... captivating.

Now that he was not here to steal all her attention she looked around. The bathroom was splendid.

Light pink floor adorned with rose quartz decorated the looked like crystal pink liquid was flowing beneath.

Perfume bottles of innumerable scents and shades were kept around. The bathtub was sparkling white.

She took off her dirty clothes, keeping them in a pile in the cloth basket kept near...who knows maybe he would hate her after knowing her.


A huge golden chandelier covered with citrine gemstones adorned the high ceiling. The room was lush with pale blue curtains draped over while the walls  decorated with silver colour.

A knock on door distracted her from the beauty of the room in which she was residing.

She was dressed in a blue silk dress falling beneath her knees, was this appropriate to greet him....she shook her head with the absurd thought.

"Yes"Her heart did a summersault seeing Hades in his black silk robe.

"King Hades" she whispered.

"How are you feeling?"

They both asked at the same time to which he chuckled softly, her head snapped to his face...he was so wrong, he didn't had any make her fall for him but she couldn't stop the blubbery feeling erupting in pits of her stomach.

So she did what was for best." I cannot accept this bond."


Above pic is Cerberus.

Down gif is an Aesthetic for Hades

Down gif is an Aesthetic for Hades

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