Chapter Thirty Eight.

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"So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart's still open
And if so, I wanna know what time it shuts"
Are you ready? Get comfy it's a long one.


You'd swear I ordered Harry five star cuisine, not Nachos from the Mexican joint a few blocks away.

As soon as the food arrived and I gave him the styrofoam container packed full of corn chips, cheese and salsa; his face lit up like a kid on Christmas.

I don't see the big deal, he said his favourite food is Nachos right? It's not like it was some psychic guess.

Again he sat far closer than he needed to when we plopped down onto the couch to eat our food, and not pay attention to the TV while we spoke through eating.

I didn't mind this time though, I liked that he was close.

I on the other hand, didn't get anything too exciting. I just ordered some seasoned fries; I only had enough money for one serving of the Nachos and I didn't really feel like any, anyway.

I knew he'd like it so I don't mind just having fries.

Harry tried to offer to pay but I reminded him that he had said the next time we got food I was allowed to pay.

He looked both annoyed, and pleased at the same time over that.

As we ate, Harry kept up his new habit of watching how I eat like I'm some animal being studied in a zoo.

I had to keep catching myself from staring at him, which I find myself wanting to do a lot more than when we first met.

Don't ask me how someone thats only dressed in a denim jacket, sat with his legs spread (how he manages that in those jeans I'll never know) and a take away container of nachos in his lap can look so fucking serene; because I'm still trying to figure it out.

I still can't believe I answered the door wearing one fucking sock.

I didn't think he literally meant fifteen minutes.

I spent thirteen of those minutes throwing clothes out of my drawers trying to find something even remotely appealing, and literally the only thing feminine I own besides two dresses and my work skirt are these fucking pyjama shorts.

I luckily didn't have time to talk myself out wearing them the second I caught my reflection and grimaced, because that's when I heard him knock at my door.

And then it was a mad panic trying to find a shirt that wasn't ten times too big.

To top it all off, I had the goddamn thing on backwards.

Good going Drew, real fuckin seductress you are.

Should've worn your undies on the outside, really polished it off you dickhead.

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