Part 74 - A miracle from God

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Rick had disappeared, he had slipped past Alex and the group unnoticed, but what had he planned to do to get us away. There was a branch snap which caused Alex to spin around and call out. "W-who's there?" His voice seemed to tremble. A shadow moved from behind him, it sent him to the ground before I could identify  who it was. "Rick?!" Maggie cried, I focused my eyes on the two people rolling around the ground to see that it was in fact Rick wrestling with Alex. Alex rolled on top of Rick and began to punch him in the face repeatedly. I frantically searched around to find something to get Alex off of him but to no avail. Then suddenly, I remembered the rock I had found. I reached for it in my pocket and ran towards Alex, I lifted my arm up and plunged the rock into the back of his head. In one fatal swoop, he was face down on the ground. Dead. "C'mon. Let's go" Rick ordered. Without thought everyone took what they could and made a break for it under the cover of darkness.

The next day ------

It had been hours since we had left the camp, miles away too, but I knew we still weren't safe, not until all of them were dead, though the temporary silence and serenity were much appreciated. "Help! Help! Help!" A shrill desperate voice rang and silence filled woods. "Help! Help! Anybody!" The voice shouted again. We sprinted in the direction of the cries to see a man on top of a large boulder kicking away at four hungry looking walkers. Naturally we went to work and took out the threats and waited for the stranger to gain his composure and introduce himself. The man went to open his mouth, but the sound of his voice didn't come out, it was vomit. Everyone began to wince with disgust before he began speaking, "Sorry, er, thank you. I am Gabriel" he said. Gabriel was wearing a priests uniform and looked in his late 30s, early 40s. "Have you got any weapons?" Rick asked Gabriel. "Does it look like I'm a person who would have any weapons?" Gabriel questioned. "It doesn't matter what you look like" Rick retorted. "God is the only protection I need." He replied which caused me to snort. "Well it obviously didn't work" I snarled, still slightly out of breath from taking down a walker, the adrenaline in my veins was still coursing around my body showing no sign of ceasing. Gabriel chuckled "I called out for help... You arrived, see?" I just snorted again and turned my back.

"You gotta camp?" Daryl broke the brief awkward silence. Gabriel nodded "I have a church." Rick walked towards him. "Raise your arms above your head." He began to search Gabriel for weapons, though he seemed offended by the action. "How many walkers have you killed?" Rick questioned. "N-none" he stuttered. "How many people have you killed?" "The Lord does not approve of violence." Gabriel stated, his arms still up though Rick had finished searching him. "That was just a precaution, you can't be too careful" Rick expressed as he backed away from the priest. Gabriel smirked and let out a quiet giggle. "These days, people are just as dangerous as the dead, don't you agree?" I took a step forward and shook my head. "No, people are worse."

His glance shot towards me, "I've never really gone out this far, only a few times, I like to stay near the church." Rick approached me and placed a hand on my back and gave it a slow rub. "Can you take us there? We have children" He asked, still rubbing up and down my back, before Gabriel gave a slight nod and began walking off in a different direction. I bent down to pick up my rucksack which was slowly beginning to increase in weight and headed off to follow Gabriel. I slowly began to develop a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach causing me to gag. "Ugh not again" I managed to belt out before running to a tree and throwing up. Rick had come behind me and started to rub my back "Jess it'll be okay" he promised, I wiped my mouth and just whimpered. "Is she pregnant?" Gabriel had appears from the front of the group, I glanced, not really knowing what to say. "Yeah" Rick nodded and paused. "A true miracle blessed by our lord" with that, he began marching off towards the church. Gabriel was a strange little man, I wasn't too sure when we stood with him, he was a man of god, perhaps his morals were true? Only time could tell.

At the church ---

"Thank you for this." Each of us said as Gabriel allowed us into the church, I felt a sudden feeling of serenity as I stepped through the door. I had never been a religious person, especially in a world like this where you have danger around every corner, constantly being surrounded by death and no where really to call home, its hard to believe in a greater power.

"We look for supplies tomorrow, Gabriel mentioned a food bank not far from here, Sasha, Glenn and Maggie have already volunteered for tomorrow" Rick explained, I went to volunteer but Rick cut me off before I could say a word. "Jess, I want you to stay here with Tyreese and look after Judith, I'm not asking" I was too exhausted to argue so I just nodded and backed myself up against the wall closest to me. Rick continued to talk and thanked Gabriel for taking us in before sitting down next to me with Judith, I had no energy left, with the prison, the Governor, Terminus and the baby, after all that's happened, I'm just looking forward to a good nights sleep. When ever I close my eyes I still have nightmares about everything, Woodbury, Tom, Gareth, the list is endless, I just hope I can fall into a deep dreamless sleep next to the man that I love and enjoy the peaceful and protective atmosphere that the church provided for us.

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